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For sure, if Roblox players hear about free Robux, they may want to know how to get it. However, you need to be careful when you hear about free Robux because some of them are scam. They just want you to access their sites and then you will do something there for fake free Robux, and then you will get nothing.

Is there any quiz for getting free Robux? You are able to try to search in the internet and you will find that there are some websites and even apps of quiz offering free Robux. One of the websites which offer you quiz for free Robux is Nerd Tests’ User Tests. In this site, you will be given 10 questions. However, the questions seems absurd. Here they are.

  • Is Roblox better than MC?
  • What is the main currency in Roblox?
  • What is Builders Club?
  • How to move in Roblox?
  • Idk I will think of one for next question.
  • If you want Robux, you can press ‘Yes’ to get some percentage.
  • Do u like Roblox?
  • Does Roblox have a YT channel?
  • Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi
  • You Enjoying this?

The questions are in the form of multiple choices. If you have answered them, you have to click on the Submit button. Then, you will see that it says that you get Robux. However, there is no way to get the Robux. Instead, there is an instruction that you can attach your own image to the graphic available. Well, if there is an instruction that ask you to enter personal information or even personal image, do not do it because it is a scam.

Then, we also found Free Robux Quiz -2K19 app which is developed by dnsfrolov. This is an unofficial quiz game and they claim that you can test your knowledge there with fun, exciting and challenging quiz. A lot of features in this app including:

  • There are new questions.
  • There is option to earn more Robux by sharing the game on social media.
  • You are able to share the game in ‘free robux’.
  • You can earn free Robux by answering the questions correctly.
  • You can use free Robux to get helpful hints and bonuses.
  • Questions will get harder as you progress in the game.
  • There are additional new steps to the game.
  • Questions are about Roblox.

As you can see that they claim that they can give you free Robux if you can answer the questions correctly. It is unknown whether this app is real or not. If you are curious, you are able to try it.

So, is Roblox quiz for free Robux is safe to join? Well, actually the official and the safest ways to get Robux is by the methods that has been mentioned by Roblox team. Those are by buying it from Roblox, selling game passes, having membership., selling clothes and place access, buying Roblox game card and some other official ways. If you get Robux from other resources which are unofficial, it is not recommended since we are afraid that they are scam. Moreover if they claim that you can get Robux for free, you must be careful.

It is better for you to get Robux through the official sources so that it will be safe. You can try Roblox Quiz for free Robux if you are curious, but if then they ask you personal information, stop it.

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