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Are you looking for the ways on how to get the bot lobby glitch on Apex Legends? Then, is the bot lobby glitch either legal or illegal way? But, if we talk about fair and unfair way, of course, it is back to the player itself. However, it totally talk about the habit as the players when playing a game as well.

Talking about the bot lobby glitch definitely it refers to an instant way to get a bot player in Apex Legends. The bot lobby means a place to create a bot character to play for certain progress. In this case, most of Apex Legends players excatly use it of creating the bot. Unfortunately, not just once that they get successful of creating the bot in lobby. They will need for third try progress to get the workable bot to play.

How to Get Bot Lobby Glitch in Apex Legends?

Then, how to get started to do this bot lobby glitch? Here are the ways that you can do if you are so curious to do it:

Step 1: The first thing that you have to do is to launch your Apex Legends game on your devices either PC. Xbox and PS4 definitely it works to do the bot lobby glitch.

Step 2: After you open the Apex Legends on your device, then, you will be at the lobby before starting the game.

Step 3: If you have been connected to Apex Legends, it is a good time for you to look for somewhere to open party

Step 4: If you feel getting a suitable party, so, you have to join its party.

Step 5: Please, wait for five seconds, then, close your Apex Legends apps. You can take a cup of coffee while waiting it, dude!

Step 6: Ok… you have to look back into the game. Then, you should be inside of your friends that you join in a party.

Step 7: Please wait for the progress and go down and back your character up. If it constantly says matchmaking, of course, you can just press o and cancel them to be better.

Step 8: Then, it should work on the third try and keep trying to do it.

Step 9: If it goes get stuck, definitely you will do not have to be ready to back up. Then, if it do not work, of course, you are ready back up there again. Try it until third try.

Step 10: Surprise! it works on third try. You will see the player stat that should be in the box.

Step 11: Let’s see on the box, then, you will get for the bot lobby.

Step 12: Lastly, start your game to try the bot lobby glitch.

Note: This way will work 100% of the time before fully updated.

Unfortunately, in this case, we wouldn’t recommend you to do this way, sure it’s so fun to stomp on helpless noobs but it still really hurts them if enough people do this and it might encumber them with the challenge of getting by experienced players and they might just quit the game.

Well, If you are interested to try creating the bot lobby, please don’t make any player, especially noob feeling hopeless in playing Apex Legends.

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