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If you are one of Apex Legends players, you may wonder about where the Apex Legends missing challenges. For the last few weeks, the players of Apex Legends have reported that the Battle Pass challenges game are not showing at the weekly reset as they should. It seems that there are some problems with it and Respawn has to fix it.

Players of Apex Legends started to report about this Apex Legends missing challenges long time ago. The thread about it can be found on the EA Answers HQ which was created on December 31st, 2019. A comment from SombrePerdition in the EA Answers HQ thread stated that weeklies allegedly reset about an hour ago. In addition, he also stated that he has no week 14 weeklies in his list, just the week 13 that were completed prior to today. Another player named Xtrminatus also stated that anyone else experience on PS4 that week 14 on December 31st, 2019 has still not shown up.

Then, the thread continues with a lot of players across PS4, PC and Xbox One who report that they also experience the same thing where they are encountering Apex Legends missing challenges. So, is there any solution for these missing challenges? Or, is there any compensation for this problem?

Based on Game Revolution site on their article posted on February 4th, 2020, neither Respawn Entertainment nor Electronic Arts have addressed the problem of the Apex Legends missing challenges. There are some competing theories about why they are not showing.

There are some answers in the EA Answers HQ thread which stated that they have contacted support and got all kinds of suggestions. Some people try to report that they have been told that it is a bug. Other people have been told to try fixes such as restoring licenses. Even EA had a rep respond in the thread which acknowledge the issue. There is a reply from Community Manager EA_David and he stated that sorry to pop in with just a vague statement, but from what he has seen the devs are aware of this. In addition, he also stated that when they have a more substantial update, they will let folks know about it.

After that statement, it seems that there have not been any additional responses in that thread. Also there is no resolution for this problem. So for now, all of players in Apex Legends can do about the Apex Legends missing challenges is to wait it out and let’s hope that Respawn Entertainment will come up with fixes for this problem.

If they do not fix this challenges even though you really want to play these challenges, then instead Respawn gives you the other new things, you just have to do it and forget about the Apex Legends missing challenges. But of course, it is not too late for keeping to hope that these missing challenges in Apex Legends will come. So, you can wait for it patiently and good luck, friends!

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