Apex Legends Crashing When Loading Into Game

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For those who have been playing the newest battle royale hit, Apex Legends, you have probably ran into some issue already. The game has just released, so it is normal that some players with sub optional PC builds have experienced a few FPS or lag issues while playing it.

However, some players have reported freezing and crashing. The reports ate taking over the technical issues section of the forums of EA, and the sad news is that there does not seem to be an easy fix or solution that fits all cases of freezing. A few people report a few seconds of freezing during matches, while the other ones say they cannot even join an Apex Legends match.

All the players who play on PC who are experiencing crashing and freezing might need to check and test a short list of things to try to run Apex Legends better. As for the players who play the game on console and experiencing freezing, they might need to wait for the game to update, though. There is not much that you are able to do to improve your experience. But before that, there are some cases in which the players of Apex Legends simply will not be able to run the game. This thing actually depends on your PC build or your computer system.

What should you do to fix Apex Legends crashing and crashing? The first one is to update your driver. This is a standard recommendation to people who forget to update their drivers, but in the case of Apex Legends, it could suit people who are always up to date. Both Nvidia and AMD have both released new drivers for their video cards that optimize and fix problems related to Apex Legends. You can try to install them and check how they affect your game.

The second one is to downgrade your driver. If you have updated your driver to the latest versions mentioned above before playing Apex Legends, it could be a good idea to roll back to the previous driver mission. The Apex Legends driver of AMD, for example, is not the recommended version yet, so it may cause instability in some PC builds. You can revert to the recommended driver version if needed.

The third one is to disable Freesync, G-Sync, and the others. A few video cards have sync options that might cause problems within Apex Legends when paired with the own Vertical Sync of the game. Some players have reported that disabling this feature for Apex solved their problems with freezing and crashing.

Aside from those three, there are some other methods that you can try to fix Apex Legends crashing when loading into the game. Some other ones are changing your processor, disabling or reducing overlocking, checking how old your processor is, repairing the game files, reinstalling Origin or the game, adding firewall exceptions for both Origin and Apex, disabling FPS overlay of Origin, and so on.

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