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Apparently, there are many people who ask us when Apex Legends cross platform support release. As we know that Apex Legends releasing on multiple platforms. Another battle Royale genre like Fortnite have offered cross platform multiplayer and it was being very famous in the world. Everyone is eager to complete alongside friends regardless of their system of choice.

The good news is Apex Legends cross platform multiplayer is happening. But, when Apex Legends Crossplay release, we are not exactly sure. Here is what we know so far.


Simply, we are able to say that Apex Legends do not have cross platform support. Based on the research, Apex Legends will be cross platform, but not right now. In an interview with Eurogamer before Apex Legends launched, Respawn explained that cross platform multiplayer for Apex Legends is in the works. But, there are no specifics as to when it will come. The Developer just have plans to allow the players play with their friends on other platforms. With an Apex Legends road-map have already established for the year, maybe Respawn will have an idea of when it will be implemented.


Your account and progress is going to be restricted to each individual platform although Apex Legends cross platform play is on the cards. In an interview, lead producer Drew McCoy explained that they will not ever be able to do cross-progress or cross-purchases. The way systems were set up early on, so they cannot reconcile it after the fact.

It means in practice is that your unlocks, purchases and stats are going to be restricted to each individual platform. So, you cannot start on Play Station 4 and then access the same account details on PC. Before you make any serious time or money investments with the game, you have to ensure that you choose the platform that you are going to be happy with long term.


Apex Legends cross platform capability is little. How exactly the feature can work is speculation. However, other cross platform games may provide some ideas. Fellow battle royale shooter; Fortnite that currently offers cross-platform support to all systems, it is available on that is between PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. It uses your Epic Games account to see who else is playing on a different system. Meanwhile, Rocket League is set to use the RocketID system once  it debuts later this year.

Possibility are Apex Legends is going to operate in a similar way, asking you log into a real account to see friends who are playing on other systems. Then, send an invite to play together with and go from there. Even though it has assumed that Apex Legends are going to be cross-platform between all three systems the game which is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC, but there is a possibility it can be restricted to PC and either console.

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