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You may know that in the Apex Legends, there will be an Old Ways event. People are curious how it will be including what cosmetics which will be available there. Here, we will provide you the update patch notes of this Old Ways event in Apex Legends.

This event will be started on April 7th. There will be Duos in the game alongside Trios. Also, there is a permanent map rotation that will give players the ability to play Duos or Trios on Kings Canyon and World Edge.

You are also able to dive into the Bloodhound’s Trials. There, you and your squad will battle against a horde of prowlers and claim high-tier loot as your reward. But here, you have to be careful with the most dangerous game: fellow Legends who want to scavenge the goods for themselves.

Balance Changes

G7 Scout

  • There is reduced headshot scale from 2.0 -> 1.75.
  • There is reduced leg shot scale from 0.9 -> 0.75.
  • There is slightly reduced projectile speed.


  • The viewkick pattern of LSTAR will be reset much more quickly and it is done to avoid horizontal recoil feeling like it goes in a direction which is unpredictable while feathering the trigger.
  • There is reduced time before overheat 2.4 -> 2.2 (25 shots -> 23 shots)


  • There is increased headshot damage multiplier from 2.05 -> 3.0. Currently, it should always down a target with a headshot, even in case they are a fortified character with a level 3 helmet and a full evo shield.

Sniper Ammo

  • Ammo will be reduced per pickup from 10 -> 8
  • Inventory stack size will be reduced from 20 -> 16

Low Profile

  • Currently, limb shots on Low-Profile Legends deal as much damage as body shots.


  • Silence
  1. Duration of status effect is increased from 10s -> 20s
  2. Now silence disables Gun Shield of Gibraltar.
  3. The duration of area of effect is increased from 5s -> 10s
  4. Now, silence has 2 charges.
  • Death Totem
  1. Now, characters are respawned with 50 health (or whatever health that they had when they activated it, if lower) instead of 1.
  • Low Profile is removed.


  • New secondary passive: Lifeline is able to access secret compartments with more loot on Blue Bins.
  1. Blue bins are able to be found randomly and they replace ordinary bins. These rare bins will have a secondary compartment that only Lifeline is able to open.
  2. The secondary compartment will always contain some mixture of health items, knockdown shields and weapon attachments.


  • Now, portals will not appear after four seconds in case both ends are outside the Circle. This change was made to be able to combat players exploiting the Portal to avoid taking damage outside the Ring.

Evo Armor

  • The amount of damage required to evolve is reduced.
    • Blue Armor damage requirement is reduced from 100 -> 75
    • Purple Armor damage requirement is reduced from 300 -> 150
    • Red Armor damage requirement is reduced from 500 -> 400

Kings Canyon and Kings Canyon After Dark

  • It increases to the total amount of loot items which spawn in the map.

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