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The buffs of Apex Legends would make the passive and abilities of Lifeline practical. One of the characters of Apex Legends called Lifeline has always been a top choice to include in an Apex Legends team composition, but her abilities, while helpful, leave some wondering if vast improvements could be made to make them more useful.

As you can guess from her name, Lifeline is the name of a Legend who is aimed at keeping her team healthy with the high tier loot, quick revives, or some extra HP. However, those abilities are able to leave the players exposed to the very dangers they are trying to escape, even when used correctly.

It is because of those issues that a few players are taking it upon themselves in order to figure out the best ways to give the kit of the hero a buff so that there are not inherent consequences with using her. People like a user of Reddit called NizzyDeniro have crafted interesting buffs that would let the Combat Medic be more effective in her role as the healer of the team.

First of all, a change to the passive of Lifeline, revamping its name to Surgery, would give revived teammates a six second heal that would replenish 50% of their health. As a healer, this makes a lot of sense. Too many times has she chose a teammate just so that a lack of heals makes them a vulnerable target once again.

Furthermore, a buff to the shield of D.O.C after picking up a downed teammate would keep the defenses of droid activates for four seconds after the revive is complete. The thing is to give Lifeline a sort of disengage after picking up a downed player, so as to not immediately be taken by the attacking team. Keeping in line with safe heals, the players of Apex Legends also suggested to give Lifeline the ability to toss her D.O.C if she cannot exactly make it to the low HP player. Actually, there could be a lot of outplay potential there, seeing as a Lifeline is able to toss D.O.C, indicating that someone there is low on health, just to spring a trap on them.

In the end, an updated Revive animation rounds out the list of creative buff, but the entire package was really well-received by the community of Apex Legends with loremaster called frozenfroh even pitching in illustrated concepts to bring the buffs to life. In either case, the players of Apex Legends feel like the kit of Lifeline could use an upgrade to make it feel more competitive and impactful in a team. In fact, some people think that the buff of Lifeline is pointless, with many of them even calling for a rework. Once again, the buff gives her the new passive ability, enabling her to gain access to extra healing items through blue bins scattered around the map. This statement sounds like a useful new trick but the new statistics appear to contradict its relative strength.

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