Apex Legends Low Profile Characters

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In the game of Apex Legends, there are passive perks. Do you know what they are? Passive Perks are subtle tweaks that multiple legends can have and now all passive perks modify the amount of damage taken. It is because all legends have 100 health but varying sizes that makes them easier or harder to hit.

It is important for you to know that there are two passive perks including Fortified and Low Profile. Do you know what the difference between them? Here are brief explanation about it.

  • Fortified: It is incoming damage which is reduced by 15% and it is not slowed¬† by bullets. This perk is applied to Caustic and Gibraltar.
  • Low Profile: It is more difficult to hit and incoming damage is increased by 5%. This perk is applied to Lifeline, Pathfinder, Wattson and Wraith.

As mentioned above that Low Profile perks are applied to Lifeline, Pathfinder, wattson and Wraith. So, here are some explanation about these characters.

  • Lifeline. She is a legend which is free and is unlocked soon in the base game. She is a Support Legend with healing abilities. She is also a Legend best for keeping her team alive and up in firefight. Her D.O.C Heal Drone is good for keeping allies alive or healing them quickly after a fight. She has Combat Medical passive and it permits her to be able to revive teammates behind in indestructible cover.
  • Pathfinder. This is a legend which is free and unlocked in the base game. He is a Recon Legend very useful on movement and rotation. He has Grappling Hook ability which permits you to be able to reach higher places and to tactically reposition while his Insider Knowledge and Zipline Gun abilities permit him to support your squad by letting them know the position of the next ring and also provide a zipline on the fly to permit quick escapes and to reposition respectively.
  • Wattson. She is a legend which is locked from the base game. On Season 2 she was made available. She is able to be unlocked by using digital currency that can be paid for 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins. Wattson can be said as another Defensive Legend with a slower playstyle. She is a good defender of anything. She has Perimeter Security Fences which not only slow but damage enemies who try to storm your location by passing through them.
  • Wraith.¬†She is a legend which is free and can be unlocked in the base game. She is a versatile Offensive Legend and she can reposition and flank her enemies with her abilities. If she use Into The Void, it will permit her to reposition or take cover while being invincible while her Dimensional Rift can permit her squad to be able to transported safely over long distances.

So, those are characters in Apex Legends who has Low Profile perks. If you want to know more about these characters, you are able to access Apex Legends Wiki Gamepedia.

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