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Apex Legends introduces map rotation that gives the players a choice of three maps. The thing called Apex Legends is getting the new limited time event all about Bloodhound, but it is coinciding with the permanent change that needs to make the players happy. When the Old Ways Lore Event starts on April 7, players will be able to choose from the two maps of the game: Kings Canyon or World’s Edge.

As detailed on the EA blog, the update of Apex Legends will add the permanent map rotation to the game, allowing the players to choose which map to play in Trios or the newly returning Duos. It is marked change from the last status quo, as Kings Canyon would only be available through limited time events after it was replaced by World’s Edge. As stated before, the Old Ways Lore Event will start from April 7 to April 21, offering a Town takeover in World’s Edge and a new exclusive prize track with the exclusive cosmetics.

The general manager of Apex Legends named Dusty Welch recently hinted at a pleasant surprise for Titanfall fans coming in Season 5. Although it is not clear juts what he meant, the recent appearance of a creature from the planet Leviathan could be an indication of another third map coming to the battle royale, set on the location from Titanfall 2.

Talking about the mop of Apex Legends, map movement and positioning are two of the most important things to a winning run in the game. For those who are preparing for the start of the second season of Respawn Entertainment’s hit battle royale game, you might want to checkout the these amazing map rotation tricks that could give you the edge in some of your matches.

If you have gone high enough on Kings Canyon, you know that you will need to drop back down to the map or risk dying from being out of bounds for too long. The former FlyQuest pro player of known as Dakota Exko MacLeod stated that sometimes you need to take that risk in order to provide you and your team with the slightest edge for victory. He showed off some of the most unique map rotations that the players have seen in Apex Legends, saying that he was saving them but honestly he would rather see them used then not. Several videos he shared featured him running into areas that people did not even know you could reach in order to cut travel time down and make it into the zone. Some of the tactics using the abilities of Pathfinder and Octane, but many of them were done simply by climbing into hidden areas of the map. The rotation from the main place above Cascades into the Artillery Base in a great instance. Instead of forcing the team to run through some different kinds of choke points and risk dying to an ambush, the player simply climbs over the mountain.

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