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As one of the hottest game around the world, it makes Apex Legends becoming the much sought after game. Of course, it leads the developers of Apex Legends game thinking out of loud to survive the existence of this game to be more popular at least for some decades.

To survive the game, definitely, there are tons of outworks that should be maintained. One of them by making apex legend can be launched on mobile. So, is there any information confirmed by Apex Legends developer whether the Apex Legends is available on Mobile or not?

Certainly, this fact becomes the long debate until finally finding a meeting point as well. Formerly, the Apex Legends game was released for Windows, PS4 and Xbox One on February 4, 2019. The time can be in the third season with its fourth season due for a release date of February 4, 2020, so, that’s one-year anniversary.

Now, there is a latest information coming from the Respawn Entertainment and Published by Electronic Arts (EA) announcing that the Apex Legends will be available on Mobile. Of course, it can be a good news for every Apex Legends players in which they will be ready anymore to launch this game on their mobile.

We have known well that Apex Legend is an online multiplayer free-to-play person shooter in battle Royale game mode.

However, playing Apex Legends on mobile is so practically easy and can be touch whenever you want. Well, have EA ever confirmed that it is a real news?

Indeed, that’s a fact in which it was confirmed by Andrew Wilson as EA’s CEO that the Apex Legends: Battle Royale shooter will be coming on mobile devices soon. For this project, EA will be working with a Chinese partner to create an Apex Legends player on mobile that will be released globally. That’s because launching the mobile out in Chine, definitely you must have a partner and EA’s Will be working for this project with the partner there. However , it is such a honor for Apex Legends developers to have a great partner for this project.

For mobile devices, Apex Legends will be coming soon to iOS platform and Android. Then, when is exactly Apex Legends release on mobile devices?

For this fact, unfortunately, there is no official released date confirmed by EA. But, the rumor informs you in which it will be started in October 2020 with expectation released date in early years 2021.

Of course, for about the released date can be something crucial. It is because EA’s do not want to create the projects in a hurry. They totally avoid to have failed for next time later.

However, announcing the released date is so huge thing if they are not having a working version of the game. Certainly, about the time will be depended on EA’s that surely they prepare for anything to create a unique mobile game version for Apex Legends.

Besides, they are developing for the mobile version to ensure that this version is not behind the original. So please, be patient!

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