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For you who play Apex Legends since the beginning, what do you think of the old map? Do you like the old map or you prefer the new one? Well, the old map in Apex Legends is Kings Canyon. If you play Apex Legends since the beginning of the game, now you may want to play in that map again. You may miss this map. And for the new players, they may also want to try the old map since they do not know how it is. Well, in February, this map could be played again but in limited time.

Respawn Entertainment decided to bring the players back to the old map, Kings Canyon. This thing was done as a celebration of one-year anniversary of the game. However, this map can be played for only a few days from Friday, February 20th, 2020 to Monday, February 24th, 2020. Because of this, a lot of Apex Legends players celebrated this thing with gifs and grateful tweets on Twitter. They feel like nostalgic and were ready to play it.

However, not all people are happy for it. Why? It is because the return of this old map was only for a limited time. They think that Apex Legends has a lot of limited-time events. Meanwhile, they think that Apex Legends should make these modes and permanent maps.

Some of you may not know how the Kings Canyon map is. Here we have a description about this map.

Description of Kings Canyon, The Old Map in Apex Legends

Kings Canyon is a map in Apex Legends and it is located in the planet Solace. This map was the only map from the release of game until Season 3. And then now, this map was replaced by World’s Edge. This map has an abundance of areas varying from facilities of military to slums. There is a river which divides it down the middle. This is an island which is filled with Creatures and surrounded by water on all sides with cliffs which are hazardous that drop to the sea level below.

There are a lot of locations in this map and some of them are as listed below.

  • Airbase. It can be found on the westernmost side of the map in close proximity to Runoff. The loot tier of this place is high.
  • Artillery Battery. This location can be found on the northernmost part of the map. It is a big concrete base with multiple large buildings, surrounded by high walls.
  • Bunker. This place is a tunnel which can be found in the middle of the map that links the village on River Central to the village on High Desert.

There are still more locations that you are able to explore in this map. Now, how about features on this map? There are some features including.

  • Movement: Zip-lines, Balloons, Doors.
  • Support: Respawn Beacons.
  • Loot: Hot Zone, Supply Ship, Supply Bins, Loot Ticks.
  • Creatures: Flyers and Leviathans.

If you missed the chance to explore this map in the limited time event, make sure that next time if this event comes again, do waste your time. So, keep up to date to avoid you missing the chance.

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