Apex Legends Server Shutting Down – Internal Server Error

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The servers of Apex Legends have been taken offline by Respawn and EA after a huge account problem hit the popular Battle Royale shooter. The servers were taken down after reports from the players that their level was reset to level 1 following the release of today’s update.

The servers of Apex Legends are now down and offline on some devices such as PCs, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 while Respawn and EA try to solve the issue. In a post on the platform called Reddit, Respawn community manager named Jay Frechette said that they are sorry about this. He said that they are going to start turning off servers as they do maintenance and they will be updating the post with information as they look into this. In the most recent post of him, Frechette added that until they have the error fixed they recommend the players do not buy or craft anything. They are working to give the players an ETA. The information about it was given at 10.40 am PST, which is 6.40 pm BST and 1.40 pm eastern time.

In a different Reddit thread, Frechette said that they are aware of the known issue or reports of accounts being reset after the update and looking into it now. Meanwhile the official Twitter account of Apex Legends posted that they are aware and looking into the issue with accounts losing their progress after their update. They will provide the update as soon as possible.

As the issue of the Apex Legends server and level reset problems hit the players took to Twitter to report the errors they were facing. A fan of Apex Legends posted that he just updated his game and he lost all his progress and all his packs he opened. Basically, he lost everything and needed a help. Another one wrote that the servers of Apex Legends keeps crashing. He added that he went to play Apex Legends with some friends but the update has caused so many errors. He could not even get onto a server to see if his account has been reset like a lot of people’s have. He did not mind the account being reset anything he spent money on he wanted back.

Apex Legends is definitely not perfect. Aside from the server error, there were some bugs that broke the Apex Legends. After the developer of Apex Legends called Respawn increased the maximum level cap in the game, players have been grinding to hit the illustrious Level 500, but some have encountered a bug that has rendered their game unplayable. Reported to the EA forums on January 6, 2020, upon reaching the maximum level, the servers of Respawn are literally preventing level 500 players from finding a server. White the error initially earned traction on January 6, it shows up that the issue is persisting almost one week on. according to the thread messages, the players of Apex Legends are having no issue using another account to access the servers.

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