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TRN currently has a flawed but great tool that tracks Apex Legends stats thanks to an API. This one is from the same men who produced the tracker all Fortnite players used. The tool pulls the same information you are able to see in-game in the Apex Legends screen, but it does find out a K/D or most of the stats you cannot already see for yourself.

Likewise, the stat tracker owned by TRN is able to only track the banner you have currently equipped and will only provide stats after the first time you or someone searches for you in the database. However, the implementation of the leaderboard is really useful for everyone who wants to keep on top of leaderboards.

You need to figure out the individual records for every of the Legends you have played as in the game. In order to do this, you need to go to Legends from the lobby and then find the Legend you want to inspect. From this stage, find the banners and scroll down until you get to trackers.

In trackers, you need find figures like matches played, kills, revives, damaged done, and so on. Here is the full list of them.

  • Kills
  • Winning Kills
  • Kills as Kill Leader
  • Damage Done
  • Headshots
  • Finishers
  • Revives
  • Games Played
  • Wins with Full Squad
  • Times Placed Top 3
  • Pistol Kills
  • Shotgun Kills
  • SMG Kills
  • AR Kills
  • LMG Kills
  • Sniper Kills
  • Care Package Weapon Kills

Aside from that, there are also three stats per Legend based on their own abilities. It is fairly broad that you are able to even show off these stats on your Legend banner if you either spend Crafting Metals or unlock them through Apex Packs.

How to check the Apex Legends kill death ratio or K/D? Checking the K/D or kill death ration in Apex Legends is actually really simple formula. All you need to do is to do is to take the amount of kills you have made divided by the amount of games you have played. You are able to find both these in your trackers for Legends. For instance, 500 kills, 126 matches played, and 3.96 kills per death. In terms of figuring out the overall K/D or kill death ratio, that is easier to be said than done. You will need to add all of your matches played across all Legends and then do the same for kills before you apply the same formula. There is currently no easier thing than this.

How to check the Apex Legends wins? There are a couple of ways of checking the wins. One of the simplest way is to check out the wins with full squad stat under individual Legends and then to tot them up. It is good if you have a squad you always team with. However, if so much as one of your teammates are absent while you win, the stat will not get tracked. It is kind of weird oversight on Respawn’s part.

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