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Apex Legends is the name of one of the most popular games, complete with a wide range of classes cosmetics, and weapons. However, despite it being the go to battle royale for the first person shooter fanatics m it is not without its flaws. The thing lacks a solid stat tracker, falling short to some of its more child friendly things.

There are some options for players who want to dive deep into their stats and complete with the best, but some of them are available in the game. Most of them can be found on third party sites and are able to waste unnecessary time. There are some stat overlays, however, allowing for the players to seamlessly view leaderboards with stats such as kills per minute, headshot accuracy, seasonal win stats, and more all with just a few click.

Two of the best options right now are Tracker.gg’s customizable OBS overlay and Overwolf’s Game Summary. Two of them achieve a similar effect, offering neat and tidy Apex analysts. Here is the explanation of both.

Tracker.gg is the best one for stats. This one tracks stats for all sorts of games, suxh as Apex, Fortnite, and Rainbow six. The tool was originally used as an online leaderboard for games without their own integrated option.

In order to install Tracker.gg’s overlay, you can simply register an account on Tracker.gg, link a profile in the options found at the top of the site, and then navigate to Stream Overlays. Once you are there, select Apex, choose a variant, and then customize it in any way you want. After that, you need to be good to go and ready to use the stat tracker in game. For those who do not follow an OBS account, please create it and download it. Once it is installed, you can find the Tracker.gg Overlay and load up Apex.

How to use Overwolf’s Game Summary? Overwolf has been on the field for a longtime and is one of the most well-known gaming overlays available. This one is simple to use and only requires a download or two. Once you have the bare bones software, you are able to add useful extensions.

The best thing for Apex stats on Overwolf is Game Summary. This one tracks your games, offering a wide range of stats. This app is also available in game, and with the help of a selected hotkey, it can come in handy on the go.

Game Summary presents you with automatic and manual captured highlights ready to be shared. It will even tell you about amazing events and competitions you can join. Furthermore, the app offers you a slew of useful analytics and in game stats to search and explore from actions per minute (APM), through Kill or Death ratio, relative performance, you are able to learn how to improve your game easily and quickly using the Game Summary app. Everything is just beginning and the Game Summary is being upgraded with new features.

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