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The Old Ways is an event of Season 4 and it will run from April 7th, 2020 to April 21st 2020. Together with the next Town Takeover, there is a exclusive Prize Track and a Direct Purchase Shop where you are able to get cosmetics tied to the Bloodhound’s origin and Legendary Hunt skins. It is the first time you will be able to get all of the original eight skins from the Season 1 event.

In the direct purchase shop, there will not be skins inspired by the game’s new cinematic trailer, but there will feature skins for Crypto and Wattson along with a frame for Bloodhound. Every five days, the shop will be rotated with three new skins being made available for purchase. The only skin which will be in the shop until the end is Bloodhound’s Young Blood skin. Bloodhound’s Wise Warrior for 1800 Apex Coins, Wattson’s Static Maiden for 500 AC, and Crypto’s Azure Gaze for 500 are exclusive character skins.

In this event, there will be a lot of chances to get cosmetics. The Prize Track will allow you get points by completing daily challenges so that you are able to unlock new items such as Gibraltar skin, weapon camo and weapon charm. Also, you will find some popular and rare skins from Apex history and you are able to claim them from one of the first events to grace the battle royale. It is same as the direct purchase shop, there will be a rotating collection of cosmetics that you can snag such as two recolored variants of the Wraith and R-301 skins.

Here are the list of skinsand other things in the Old Ways event based on Apex Legends Wiki Gamepedia.

Store Cosmetics

Legend Skins

  • Young Blood – Bloodhound skin for 1,800 AC.
  • Wise Warrior – Bloodhound skin for 1,800 AC.
  • Voices From The Past – Wraith skin for 1,800 AC (April 7-10, 19-21).
  • Azure Glaze – Crypto skin for 500 AC.
  • Static Maiden – Wattson skin for 500 AC.

Weapon Skins

  • Safety First – Charge Rifle skin for 1,800 AC.
  • Redemption – HAVOC Rifle skin for 1,800 AC.
  • Morse Code – Mozambique Shotgun skin for 18,00 AC.
  • Trophy Collector – R-301 skin for 1,800 (April 7-10, 19-21).
  • Copperhead – EVA-8 Auto skin for 1,000 AC.
  • Raven’s Watch – Prowler Burst PDW skin for 1,000 AC.

Returning Skins

Legend Skins

  • Outland Warrior – Bangalore for 1,800 AC (April 11-14)
  • Tiger Blood – Caustic for 1,000 AC (April 11-14)
  • Pain Killer – Lifeline for 1,000 AC (April 15-18)
  • Hot Pursuit – Octane for 1,000 AC (April 7010)
  • Sunfire Initiate – Pathfinder for 1,000 AC (April 19-21)
  • Snake Charmer – Mirage skin for 1,000 AC (April 15-18)

Weapon Skins

  • Bone Saw – M600 Spitfire for 1,800 AC (April 11-14)
  • Goldmine Gremlin – VK-47 Flatline for 1,000 AC (April 15-18)

Banner Frames

  • Exploration – Bloodhound banner frame for 1000 AC.

Prize Track

And here is the information about the prize track.

  • 250 points: A Badge – The Old Ways
  • 250 points: A Bloodhound stat tracker: Kills
  • 500 points: An XP Boost
  • 1000 points: A Charm: Runic Owl
  • 1250 points: A Loading Screen: The Old Ways
  • 1500 points: A Bloodhound banner pose: Til Valhall
  • 2000 points: A Gibraltar skin: Shield of the North
  • 2500 points: A Bloodhound stat tracker: Wins
  • 3000 points: An XP Boost
  • 3500 points: A Bloodhound stat tracker: Damage dealt
  • 4000 points: A Longbow DMR skin: Longhorn

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