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In Apex Legends, Pathfinder is a legend which is free and it can be unlocked in the base game. It is a Recond Legend which is very useful on movement and rotation. He has Grappling Hook which has the ability to be able to reach higher places and to be able to reposition. His Insider Knowledge and Zipline Gun permit him to be able to support your squad by letting them know the position of the next ring. Also, it provides a zipline on the fly to permit quick escapes and to be able to reposition.

You may know that as an Apex Legends player, you are able to get 5 free Apex packs and a Pathfinder skin with Twitch Prime. But, do you know how to get it? If you want to get it, you have to log into your Twitch account and then you need to click the crown that you will find in the top right corner of the screen. There, you will be able to see an option to claim rewards for Apex Legends. The site will ask you to sign into your EA account so that you are able to claim the reward. Next time you launch the game, your Apex packs and new skin will show up.

Now, let’s find out more about Pathfinder skins. Based on Apex Legends wiki Gamepedia, Pathfinder consists of 53 legend skins. Those include 13 Legendary, 6 Epic, 18 Rare and 16 Common. The skin which will you get in the Apex Legends Twitch Prime pack which steps are explained above is Omega Point Pathfinder and it is categorized into a Legendary skin. This Pathfinder is in purple color. If you like this pathfinder, you are able to follow the steps above to be able to claim this pathfinder.

Do you want to know pathfinder in each category? Here they are.

  • Legendary skins of Pathfinder: Angel City Pacer, Quicksilver, Model P, The Aviator, Omega Point, Bot of Gold, Green Machine, War Machine, Iced Out, Joyfinder, SRVN MRVN, and Pole Position.
  • Epic skins of Pathfinder: Hack the System, Daemon Hunter, User Friendly, Heat Sync, Neural Net and Sunfire Initiate.
  • Rare skins of Pathfinder: Woodland Warfare, Tropic Streak, Head Trip, Tartan Fleece, Desert Scorpion, Bloodline, Unicornucopia, Mortal Coil, Circuit Breaker, Warlord, calm Seas, Wishbone, Tie Dye, Sweet 16, Crash Test, Dreadnought, BP-1 and Team Lift.
  • Common skins of Pathfinder: Original, Midnight, Cardinal, Arctic, Mandarin, Orchid, Flamingo, Clearwater, Vino, Evergreen, Limelight, Yellowjacket, Skyward, Hydro, Rage and Sahara.

Pathfinder is the picture of optimism because of his circumstance. He has learned a lot in his travels. However, he has not come any closer to be able to find his creator. Nevertheless, he will not give up and took odd jobs to obtain information about his maker.

Well, after knowing more about Pathfinder, then you are interested in Omega Point Pathfinder in Apex Legends Twitch Prime pack, you are able to try to get it now by following the steps which we explained above. So, you can access your account now.

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