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On this page, anything about the voice actors of Apex Legends you want to know will be arrived here. So, it is your job to spare the time in finding the real facts about the Voice Actors which is so important for you. By knowing well for the voice of Apex Legends, of course, you are able to recognize for each voice of actors.

On Apex Legends, certainly every character has different voice casted by certain actor. However, it can be differentiator to identify every Apex Legends’ character. Of course, in this project, EA’s bring in some popular actors who have the unique voice to have voice for Apex Legends’ character.

Here are all of Apex Legends actors who cast on:

Caustic – JB Blanc

You probably know for this actor in which he plays the role of Caustic as the poison chemist capable of locking down an area in Apex Legends. JB Blanc is popular as video game voice actor who has passion in travelling.

Bloodhound – Allerga Clark

She has come on English anime show dubs such as Sword Art Online and Fate/Apocrypha: Alternative Gun Gale Online. She also has played as a Knight Captain Valyri in World of Warcraft. Now, she casts on Apex Legends to play as the role of Bloodhound.

Lifeline – Mela Lee

As we have known that Lifeline is as a support character on Apex Legends. To dub the voice of Lifeline, the actor named Mela Lee has contributed to role the character. She works also for English voices in anime that has played many characters in many videos games.

Bangalore – Erica Luttrell

You may know her on lots of characters across TV and film. She has come to be some roles, they are New Mother in Westworld, Empress Emily Kaldwin in Dishonored 2, Darla/Fahrenheit/Kendra, Cheetah in Injustice 2 and many more. Now, she comes to dub the Apex Legends character named Bangalore.

Wraith – Shantel VanSantan

On Apex Legends, she comes to be a role of Wraith character. Maybe, she is new to the video game acting world, but for last ten years, she has played for main roles in some popular TV shows. So, to underestimate her work is totally wrong for you.

Pathfinder – Chris Edgerly

He roles as Pathfinder to dub the robotic voice. So great, he dubs for the Pathfinder’s voice no doubt. He also has played the other characters such as Passenger/Sentry in Lightning Returns, Infomat/Deejay in the movie Passangers and TEL in Infinity Blade III.

Mirage – Roger Craig Smith

To have contribution on Apex Legends, he comes to dub the character’s voice of Mirage. Definitely, he has played some animated characters in very-high profile. He voice Sonic in Sonic Boom, played as Ezio, as the Captain America in Disney Infinity Games and took over the role of Batman as Arkham Origins. That sounds great!

Gibraltar – Branscombe Richmond

On Apex Legends, he is known playing as the role of Gibraltar voice. To have dubbing on Gibraltar voice, it takes a visual walk-through for his career in animated voice and video game.

Well, those are the main characters of Apex Legends that casted by voice actors. Of course, there are still many characters on Apex Legends that you can find. But, on this page, we just share the main Apex Legends character as well.

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