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Where will you go to get the best places to drop for the amazing loot? Please, you do not have to worry for it because in this chance, we are going to cover it to help you in getting the best place in Apex Legends Worlds Edge map. How is the condition of World’s Edge map and what will you do through this best map? So, please keep staying on this page to get the facts!

As a newcomer of Apex Legends, definitely you may be curious with the World’s Edge. In this case, World’s Edge refers to a map which is introduced in Season 3 located on the planet Talos. This map started when the world of Talos became a hotbed of IMC activity. On this place was found a rare mineral discovered beneath its surface. Then, the heat-reducing tower were built to reduce a super-hot from mineral and to cool its natural lava flows. After that, the town of World’s Edge grew around it.

For some decades ago, the explosion happened in one of the heat-reducing towers that make the surrounding area covered in a lethal flash freeze. Then, today the World’s Edge is so deserted, its borders secured by a small community of hunters who reportedly refused the modern technology.

It also happened when the Repulsor attack in King’s Canyon and various solves were done to rebuild it. Unfortunately, it invited too much trouble than its values. For the next, the games were moved to the World’s Edge.

Need to know that the Sorting Factory which is located in this area was a site of murder of James “The Forge” McCormick as a incoming legend.He was murdered by a mysterious figure. After that, the entrance of  Hammond Robotics’s Planetary harvester into the arena to change the landscape,destroying Capitol City and opening the lave fissures up.

Here are the all locations that you can find in World’s Edge:

  • Drill Site (as Mid Tier): It is a tiny settlement that is located west of Hill Valley, Uncharted Territories, south of Skyhook and the east of Lava Fissures. The buildings around this area are managed out in a circle with a terraforming drill tower in the middle.
  • East Fragment (as High Tier)
  • Harvester (as High Tier): It is a huge story structure on the center of the map that contains a lots of entrance and also the exit points on the multiple levels along with the long corridors.
  • Hill Valley (as Low Tier): The location is a crossroad for the players that come from The Train Yard, West Fragment, Skyhook and Drill Site.
  • Hot Springs (as Mid Tier)
  • Lava City (as High Tier)
  • Lava Fissure (as High Tier)
  • Mirage Voyage (as High Tier)
  • Overlook (as High Tier)
  • Refinery
  • Skyhook (as High Tier)
  • Sorting Factory (as High Tier)
  • Sniper’s Ridge (as High Tier)
  • Spring’s End (as Mid Tier)
  • Survey Camp
  • Thermal Station (as High Tier)
  • The Bridge (as Low Tier)
  • The Dome (as High Tier)
  • The Epicenter (as High Tier)
  • The Geyser (as High Tier)
  • The Mining Pass (as Low Tier)
  • The Ridge (as Mid Tier)
  • The Rain Tunnel (as low Tier)
  • The Train (as High Tier)
  • The Tree (as High Tier)
  • The Train Yard (as High Tier)
  • Uncharted Territories (as Low Tier)
  • Underpass (as Mid Tier)
  • West Fragment (as Mid Tier)

Besides, there are also the former locations of the World’s Edge that we show in the below!

  • Capitol (as Mid Tier): Split into the West Fragment and East Fragment.
  • Fuel Depot (as Mid Tier): Destroyed by the Harvester.
  • The High Ground (as Mid Tier): Destroyed by the Harvester.
  • Sniper’s Ridge (as High Tier): Replaced by Bloodhound’s Trials.

Those are some facts that we show for you to know more about the World’s Edge map in Apex Legends.

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