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Apex legends Season 4 began in February and it brought the players one of the best Legends called Revenant. According to some reports, the next season (Apex Legends Season 5) will start on May 5, 2020 but that is not confirmed officially. One thing that is more or less confirmed is the new Legend the players will get for the season.

Dataminers, iLootGames, have managed to get some files from the newest update of Apex Legends. According to the information that discovered from those files, the new Legend of Apex Legends is called Loba. Moreover, the abilities of Lova have also been uncovered, getting the players all the more excited for the new season.

Loba or the Translocating Thief will be a big help for the squad as a while. The game called Apex Legends has three simple categories of abilities. Those are passive, tactical, and ultimate. While the abilities of Loba are now leaked, they do not denote which ability falls under which category, so the players are going to take a gender.

The thing is apparent from the abilities of Loba and her tag as a translocating thief that he has a lot of things to do with looting. An important aspect of the game, quality loot is able to make or break it for you and your squad. The first one is Eye for Quality. Loba sees something via nearby walls for loot. This one, in all probability, is the passive ability. The second one is Buglar’s Best Friend. Loba throws a disc in order to teleport to that place. The third one is Supply for Demand. Loba selects a kind of loot and hold to reveal loot in the area around you. The fourth one is Black Market Bouique. Loba places a device that steals all loot in the surrounding place. This thing is surely the ultimate ability.

Basically, Loba is something of a loot expert. All the squads will clearly get the advantage from her presence, making sure you have all the items that you need to push through and survive until the very end.

Please take a note that there are four abilities listed in the files. As it does not fit in with the gameplay, it seems like one ability will be cast out. In all likehood, the developers will delete either Supply for Demand or Buglar’s Best Friend. However, everything is speculation for now. the players will need to wait for the official announcement from the developers until they know everything for sure. One thing is that the new season of Apex Legends will feature a few elements from the game Titanfall.

Loba and Revenant seem like versatile Legends for those who are looking to hunt and disturb enemy players. The teleport of Loba could make Wraith irrelevant, since she is able to teleport a whole group, but the players still do not know exactly how her kit will work. The two Legends should be fun to play, especially for those who have tracking skills in their blood.

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