Assassin Roblox Knife Rarity List

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Roblox Assassin refers to the game developed by Prisman. This one has customization options, an array of weapon skins, and a plethora of the other features, though the most prominent feature is the tier system, implemented within the game. The tier system are Common, Rare, Legendary, and Exotic tiers. Apparently, there is a sequel to the reowned Roblox Assassin hat is being created by Prisman and Plutonem along with builders Nuxia, Onych, and Ziplicit.

In Roblox Assassin, there is a thing called knife rarity list. Here is the list of Roblox Assasin knife rarity that you may need to know about to efficiently trade, unbox, and play Roblox Assassin.

  1. Common

Common knives are normally very low demand and are able to be easily obtained in Roblox Assassint. However, each event common knife usually has a slightly higher worth then just a common. The Common knives include Yellow [Common Knife], Green [Common Knife], Purple [Common Knife], Pink [Common Knife], Orange [Common Knife], Blue [Common Knife], Pebble [Common Knife], Rusted [Common Knife], Medic [Common Knife], Brick [Common Knife], Plank [Common Knife], Plated [Common Knife], Frost [Common Knife], and Smooth [Common Knife].

  1. Rare

Rare knives can be described as slim percent better knives than the Common ones. Some Rare knives suh as Balck Chroma and Radioactive are worth a very high rarity. The Rare knives include Tiger [Rare Knife], Money [Rare Knife], Cow [Rare Knife], Pop [Rare Knife], Diamond [Rare Knife], Swirls [Rare Knife], Colors [Rare Knife], MLG [Rare Knife], Hippy [Rare Knife], Reptile [Rare Knife], Sunrise [Rare Knife], Crimson [Rare Knife], and Legendary.

  1. Legendary

Legendary knives are really great knives that are not worth of a exotic. All of them are really difficult to get and be used to make wonderful knives in the crafting section. The Legendary knives include King Of Hearts [Legendary Knife], – Toon [Legendary Knife], Tropical [Legendary Knife], Digital [Legendary Knife], Galaxy [Legendary Knife], – Kraken [Legendary Knife], Bubblegum [Legendary Knife]- Waves [Legendary Knife], Corrupted [Legendary Knife], – Camo [Legendary Knife], and Molten [Legendary Knife].

  1. Exotic

Exotic, the name of the very great rarity, is usually obtained at a good prestige. Even though some of them are straight up bad, some of them like Holiday Blade, Skelton King, and so on, are very wanted. You are also able to get a free Exotic if you buy VIP, which is not tradeable and does not have any worth. The Exotic knives include Flame Mace [Exotic Knife], Electron [Exotic Knife], Dragon Breath [Exotic Knife], Dark Scythe [Exotic Knife], and Overseer [Exotic Knife]. Aside from those, there are also some special Exotic knives, which are only obtainable from special limited time cases or events. Those include Water [Exotic Knife], Fire [Exotic Knife], Earth [Exotic Knife], and Air [Exotic Knife].

For more information about the Assassin Roblox knife rarity list, please visit some sources such as Wiki. If you need a help, you can also go to the community of Roblox, especially the Roblox Assassin one.

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