Bee Swarm Simulator Bees Ranked (Ranking)

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Bee Swarm Simulator is known as a simulator genre game that was created by Onett. In the game, all the players grow their own swarm of bees, collect pollen, and turn their pollen into honey to purchase in game items. NPCs or bears are able to be found around the game in the game to give players quests.

There are a lot of bees to be collected and a lot of them are able to only be attained by events, completing quests, and more. There are some power boots that you are able to receive by finishing quests given to you by NPCs or by searching the maps. All the boosts are able to level up bees or turn them into a different kind of bees.

What is the ranking of bees from Bee Swam Simulator? If you are wondering the ranking of bees from Bee Swam Simulator, here is the list of the bees from the best all the way at number 1, down to the worst at number 27. The event bees and the gifted bees are excluded because no one cares about the regular bees anymore. Everyone forgets about them trying to obtain those event bees.

  1. Lion Bee
  2. Ninja Bee
  3. Demon Bee
  4. Diamond Bee
  5. Baby Bee
  6. Music Bee
  7. Shy Bee
  8. Commander Bee: This one is strong, no-nonsense bee who stays level headed when things get rough.
  9. Rage Bee
  10. Fire Bee: This one was accidentally left in the trunk of a car in the middle of the summer for more than 3 days.
  11. Bubble Bee: This one lived in the ocean.
  12. Frosty Bee: This one is a bee made of snow.
  13. Riley Bee: This one is the leader of the Red bees.
  14. Bucko Bee: This one is the leader of the Blue bees and a long time rival of Riley Bee.
  15. Honey Bee: This one is a satisfied bee that is always full with the finest honey.
  16. Demo Bee: This one is an elite Bomber Bee who has worked its way up the ranks.
  17. Shocked Bee: This one is startled by everything it comes across.
  18. Exhausted Bee: This one suffers from insomnia.
  19. Hasty Bee: This one is a quick bee who always zips around.
  20. Looker Bee: This one is always watching and gaining valuable insights.
  21. Cool Bee: This one is a sarcastic bee who is a little better than the others. Sometimes, it boosts pollen from Blue flowers.
  22. Bomber Bee: This one makes bombs that collect pollen from all nearby flowers.
  23. Rad Bee: This one is a stylish bee with a taste for red flowers.
  24. Brave Bee: This one is a loyal bee that will do anything to protect its owner.
  25. Rascal Bee: This one is a mischievous bee who moves fast and hits hard.
  26. Bumble Bee: This one is a mellow fellow that moves a little slow, but works harder and longer compared to the others.
  27. Basic Bee

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