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In the Bee Swarm Simulator Wiki, there is a post about the best event bee to make gifted first using a point system with categories which are different. Do you know how it is? Let’s find out on the next paragraph.

The first one is Puppy Bee. It is not much of a pollen collector. It is mostly used to level up bees. Its gifted bonus, +20% bond from treats which is useful. The stat increase of Puppy Bee from becoming gifted is not much. A gifted Puppy Bee gets a small stat increase compared to other bees. So, Puppy Bee gets 1 point for its gifted stat increase.

Crimson Bee is one of the last event bees that you should be getting gifted. Its gifted bonus, +10% Instant Red Conversion is only effective in case your hive is red-based. So, Crimson Bee gets a 2 to 4 for its gifted bonus. It has even worse pollen collection or honey conversion than Puppy Bee. But, the speed and attack are quite good and it gets 2 points for its stat increase.

Cobalt Bee is pretty much rating as Crimson Bee, except blue instead of red.

2-4 + 2 + 1 = 5-7/13 points.

You are able to add 1-2 points and it depends on your number of blue bees. Add +1 if about 1/2 are blue bees, +2 if 3/4.

Festive Bee not only can grant +10% Red Pollen. But, it also an enhanced Festive Gifted ability permitting you to be able to get more rare items and the Beesmas Cheer buff. So, This bee gets a 4-6 for its gifted bonus. This bee does not only has decent pollen collection but its base honey conversion is awesome. So, Festive Bee gets 3 points for its stats.

Vicious Bee is considered to be one of the best bees to make gifted first. It s because of its gifted bonus, -15% monster respawn time. It is useful for mob-killing quests and it cut off 14 hours from the Stump Snail timer. This bee earns 5-7 points for its gifted bonus and it gets a 3 for its stat increase.

Photon Bee grants a additional 5% Instant Conversion. It is useful for farming honey and pollen. Its ability of beamstorm also instantly convert pollen it collects, and useful for this similar goal. So, This bee gets a 7 for its gifted bonus and it has decent stats in terms of collection and conversion. So, for its stats, this bee gets 3 points.

Now is Gummy Bee. The gifted bonus of this bee is +5% Honey Per Pollen and it is useful for farming honey. Also, it enhances Gummy Bee’s glob ability and it makes the size of the puddle it creates bigger and increasing the honey obtained from it. So, Gummy Bee gets a 6 for its gifted bonus. However, it is important for you to know that the base collection of Gummy Bee is low, but it has a high conversion rate. So, Gummy Bee gets 2 points for its stats.

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