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You may open this page to find out the information about the location of the glue dispenser. If you want to know the location of the glue dispenser, so you are able to keep reading this article as here we are going to talk about that.

You have to know that the Glue Dispenser is a machine that located at the back of Gummy Bear’s Lair exactly near where you get teleported on when entering it. The glue dispenser is able to be used every 22 hours and dispenses the glue. Here is a badge rank of glue:

Badge Rank Glue
Hotshot 2
Ace 3
Master 4
Grandmaster 5

Glue Dispenser is one of the two ways to get the unlimited gumdrops buff, other being codes. Besides, the glue dispenser is also one of two ways you are able to get glue for free without doing anything to achieve them (For example, using the blender). You have to note that the glue dispenser is the only dispenser which requires you to have a certain Badge to access, because the Gummy Bear’s Lair requires you to have Goo Hotshot or above to enter. The amount of time for unlimited gumdrops buff it gives 3:00 remains static. Even, if you have the Goo Grandmaster Badge.

For your information, the Free Ant Pass Dispenser, and the Coconut Dispenser are the only dispensers to not give Haste. The Free Ant Pass Dispenser is a machine that located within the Ant Gate area. The players are able to use the dispenser to get a free ant pass every two hours. The players cannot use the dispenser if they already have 10 or more Ant Passes in their inventory. The pass is able to be redeemed to participate in the Ant Challenge. While the Coconut Dispenser, it is a dispenser that located on the right side of the Coconut Cave. It can be access by defeating the Coconut Crab. This Coconut dispenser has a cool down of four hours.

As we said before that the Glue Dispenser is a machine that located at the back of Gummy Bear’s Lair. Now, you may want to know the location of Gummy Bear’s Lair. You have to know that Gummy Bear’s Lair is a secret location that can only be accessed by having a Goo Hotshot badge or above. To get to the lair, you have to touch the Gummy Bee statue on the Gummy Bee Egg Claim and then you need to use a gumdrop. You are able to reach the egg claim by going behind the Ant Leaderboard and following the path (where you are going also to find an ant pass token). Aside from that, you are able also to use a cannon such as the Red Cannon, in combination with the Parachute or Glider. If you do not have the Goo Hotshot badge, so a message is going to appear on your chat reading: “Only Goo Hotshots can hear Gummy Bee…”.

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