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Welcome to Bloxburg or just Bloxburg is known as the strategic life simulation Roblox game where each player is allowed to build or decorate their house by clicking the “build mode” button. Build mode divides into Build I, Build II, Decorate I, and Decorate II.

In Bloxburg, Build I includes doors, fences, fireplaces, floor, garden, mailboxes, paths, and pillars. Build II includes pools, roof, stairs, trash, vehicles, walls, and windows. Decorate I includes appliances, beds, cabinets, carpets, chairs, comfort, counters, curtains, decorations, and electronics. Decorate II includes garden, household, instruments, lighting, plumbing, pool items, storage, tables, training, and vehicles.

There are a few kinds of house that you are able to build on Bloxburg. One of the most popular is Bloxburg one story house. Bloxburg one story house means the story of building a house on Bloxburg. One house itself refers to the house that has one floor.

One story Bloxburg houses are perfect houses for those who are looking for something cheap and modern. You will be able to find a lot of videos on the popular video-sharing platform called Youtube related to Bloxburg one story house. By watching this kind of speed build videos, you will be able to learn how to build the good quality of one story house. Some recommended channels related to Bloxburg one story house are Liv Speedbuild, Ethrielle, Aria, Ayzria, Hxsna, Nixilia, Dove Skyler, and many more.

The Bloxburg one story house by Youtuber named Ayzria costs 10k. This one is really cheap and low budget. It is a perfect choice if you want something easy and cheap. You are able to recreate it in just a few minutes and also without gamepasses.

The Bloxburg one story house by Youtuber named Liv Speedbuilds consists of a bedroom and a bathroom. The value of this house is also 10k. The colors and the decorations of the house are really suitable for the millennials.

Just like the others, the Bloxburg one story house by Youtuber named Ethrielle also costs 10k. This one is another great example of what you are able to build without gamepass and a limited budget. For those who want to recreate something cheap, this cheap no gamepass house 10k by Ethrielle is also a perfect choice.

Actually, not every Bloxburg one story house costs 10k. The Bloxburg one story house by Youtuber named Nixilia costs 17k. This one consists of 3 bedrooms, one bathroom, one kitchen, one dining room, and one living room. The value of the house is $22,000. You do not need gamepasses to build this house. It will take about an hour if you want to recreate the house.

Another recommended Boxburg one story house by Youtuber costs 17k. The name of the Youtuber is Dove Skyler. The house contains a living room, a kitchen, 2 bedrooms for 4 people, a bathroom, a relaxing area, and 2 balconies. If you want to build this kind of house, you need to get gamepasses called multiple floors.

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