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Programming is included in 10 skills in the game called Welcome to Bloxburg. How to level up programming skill? This one is not implemented in the game yet so there is no information about how to level up programming yet.

Some people think that the programming skill will be earned through the use of a computer, likely a new function of it altogether. It is almost certain. It could be a Roblox Studio program added to the play tab below computers. It is possible that Lua or Roblox Lua might be the only languages that you are able to learn. The main reason behind it is because Roblox using Lua for their studio.

The new job may be implemented in which the you take on the role of being a computer programmer, and the skill would increase its yield. If the speculation were true, then unless the other jobs are influenced by skills in a similar manner on release, the could be deleted and have you progress through the job by completing tasks.

There is a possibility that programming may be for iSlim computers at a minimum, making this thing harder to acquire. The programming skill benefit is to program games and publish them to earn money. Just like writing skill, the players could simply just type and have a script done, meaning it could be a character and computer animation, and not actually programming. The latest rumors have suggested that there may be a programming skill implementation coming in 0.8.6 update. It is said that programming may be scrapped altogether. Everything explained above is just speculation. The thing might turn out to be true or false. Please update the information regularly.

As stated before, programming is named as one of the 10 skills in the game called Welcome to Bloxburg. In the game, skills are really important stats as they are able to be increased by performing particular tasks. You will be able to find 10 skills of the game in total. Those are athletic, cooking, crafting, gaming, gardening, intelligence, music, painting, programming, and writing. Aside from programming, another one that is not implemented yet is crafting. What is crafting?

A well-known theory is that crafting will involve creating furniture using a crafting bench or tools. Furniture could be added to the inventory of the players to be used in the future. It is also possible that unique furniture could be obtained through this skill. Crafting is important if the players do not want to spend much money. Beside, it is also possible that you will be able to craft smaller objects, such as books, picture frames, and additional instead of something big like tables, couches, and more. Furthermore, crafting could potentially be a repairing skill, just like the Sims, when the player could be able to repair broken appliances with varying levels of success results. If you look at the appearance of the trophy, it is possible that crafting could be require a screwdriver.

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