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The living room refers to a place for gathering with the family or friends. In this kind of place, you can watch lots of drama, have a long chat, and so on. For those who are going to build a small living room on Bloxburg, here are some Bloxburg small living room ideas for you.

  1. Statement Ceilings

You can upgrade your living room ceiling with paint that makes a big interior statement. If you are shy, you can try out a pastel and if you are about going for broke, you cannot bear the drama of black.

  1. Gallery Walls

Some people think that too much of a good thing is bad but it is different when it comes to an over the top gallery wall. You can take a note from the extra living room of an artist named KAW and offset your neutral color palette with a big and bright art arrangement to make a statement. A great gallery wall is a gift that keeps on giving. You can fashion your own unique salon style arrangement for your living room by simply learning the art work along with anything else.

  1. Houseplants

Are you looking for a method to make an eco friendly statement in your living room without sacrificing any square footage? If yes, you can install some floating shelves or an industrial rack to create a wall of houseplants.

  1. Dark and Moody

You can warm up a dark colored living room with rich colors and textiles that draw from the existing palette like the deep green bookcase and chair in this living room to liven up a moody space without sacrificing the color scheme. A dark painted living room clearly does not need to be dim. It can employ lighted toned textiles and plenty of natural light to warm up the otherwise dark and moody space.

  1. Wall-Mounted Shelving

White floating shelves can give magic for a small space. You can boast a wall of floating shelves in place of a bulky bookcase for a stylish and streamlined storage solution. If you think floating shelves and pictures ledges are reserved for storage, it is definitely not true. You can install a slim shelf above the sofa for the clean way to display your favorite thing, or mount a few on your wall to stash your books and baubles in style.

  1. Clean or Minimalist

You do not need a lot of fuss or layers if you want to create a living room that still feels welcoming. Please keep in mind that not all minimalist living rooms have to be one color such as white. It can employ varying tones of gray throughout the art and textiles to add dimension to the subdued space.

  1. Modern Rustic

To get the modern rustic look, you can play up natural elements such as wood floors, real wood logs, and even antlers. All of them can create a homey feel that does not feel too rural.

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