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You may know that before the release of Apex Legends season 4 which gave fans the opportunity to play as Revenant, get some brand new cosmetics and play the updated World’s Edge map, there had been teasers about what was set to come.

In the teasers, mainly the trailer for the new season, fans of the battle royale title noted that they had seen brand new blue supply bins. However, they were never confirmed to come up so players immediately speculated about what could be inside the bins. It probably includes the guarantee of upgraded loot.

Then, on February 4th, 2020, season 4 released and there have not been any confirmed sightings of the new colored supply bins. That1MiningGuy and ILootGames has been revealed something about it. ILootGames stated that one of the staff members of Respawn, one of the developers, they confirmed that the blue bins is just something that slipped into the screenshot. However, it is not for this season. Then for the reason why, That1MiningGuy noted that the blue bins themselves are for playtesting so that people who test the game are able to use specific items quickly instead of needing to go around and search through an entire host of normal supply bins.

Also, the dataminer confirmed that there are rarity bins in the code of the game. It means that something could come in the future that permits players to be able to get better loot from specific bins. For now, the blue bins will not popping out in the game any time soon.

Well, talk about blue bins, based on Game Revolution site, now you are able to see some Blue Supply Bins in Apex Legends. When you find them, of course, you have to know what they are and how to open them.

It is important for you to know that anyone is able to open rare Blue Supply Bins. However, if you are playing as Lifeline, you will get extra goods when you open a Blue Supply Bin. Do you want to know what things in it? Blue Supply Bins contain an extra secret compartment that only Lifeline who is able to access and open. Lifeline has been given a new secondary passive ability which permits her to be able to access and open these secret compartments in the Blue Supply Bins. You will be given useful items such as healing items by the secret compartments.

Here are some important things that you need to know about the new Rare Blue Supply Bins.

  • Blue Supply Bins appear randomly on the map and it replaces ordinary Supply Bins.
  • Blue Supply Bins are rare.
  • Blue Supply Bins has a secret compartment which only Lifeline can open it because of her new secondary passive ability.
  • The Lifeline, only secret compartment will give you a selection of healing items, weapon attachments and knockdown shields.

Once again, you are able to open them while you are playing as any Legend, however only Lifeline who is able to access and open the secret extra compartment.

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