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Build a Boat for Treasure (BABFT) is a Roblox game based around in wiki. BABFT is created by Chillz Studios and Chillthrill709. For your information, the game of Build a Boat for Treasure (BABFT) is centered around building the boat, surviving the multiple areas, and reaching the treasure at the end.

Apparently, the 2019 Eggs were added to the game of BABFT on April 5, 2019. Then, they were removed on May 10, 2019. These eggs had certain requirements for the player to get them. Some asked the player to play a certain game. Others asked the player to complete a certain task. Most eggs could be found everywhere, but most eggs could be found easily in the Building Space. The eggs were dropped from the sky randomly with long intervals of time.

Here are those BABFT eggs:

  • Electric Egg was an egg which was colored blue with 4 lightning bolts around it. Once touched, it would start to move at a high speed. The direction of the egg travels was where the players were looking at when it was touched. Later, it would bounce off walls for a certain distance. To get the electric egg, the player need have touched it while it was black.
  • King Egg was earned by defeating the Egg Boss. You have to note that the King Egg was only can obtained after all other 2019 Eggs had been obtained. It did not do anything once touched if placed by the player.
  • Super Egg was a white egg with a long cape and the electric sparkles. To get the super egg, the player required to get close to it. Once close enough, so the super egg would start attacking.
  • Beanstalk Egg is an egg which looks like a cob of corn. To get this egg, the player need to have touched it. A giant stalk would be generated. Later, the player need to have touched the egg that was located at the top of the stalk.
  • Rocket Egg was an egg that was hidden within the small egg shaped rocket. To get the Rocket egg, the player required to touch it after it ran out of fuel. To avoid the egg flying out of reach, so the player required to ensure they tipped it towards the wall, so it would not go high up and go to the water or somewhere far.
  • Tic-Tac-Toe egg was one of Treasure eggs. It has black color with empty games of tic-tac-toe which written on it. To get this egg, the player need to have beaten the Tic-Tac-Toe game.
  • Lava Egg was a reddish black egg. It has fire particles coming off of it. When it fell from the sky, it would create an explosion upon touching the ground as though it was a meteor.
  • Spiky Ice Egg was a blue egg. It with a spiky ice shell. To get this Spiky Ice egg, the players have to push a Lava Egg next to it.
  • Galaxy Egg was an egg which was painted with black and purple colors of space.
  • Teacup Egg was a colorful egg with three teacups placed on top of the egg.
  • Golden Egg was an egg different from the rest. It also called as hex egg.

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