Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered – Mile High Club Trophies

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While the original release on the PlayStation 3 did not have trophies, the 2017 version of Call of Duty Modern warfare Remastered does. The gameis now available via March’s PlayStation Plus, many players will no double be checking it out for free.

For the first person shooter regulars, making the way through the campaign of the game on veteran difficulty will not be too much of a challenge. There are some annoying checkpoints that you might have to work out a strategy for, but all in all it is pretty straightforward on the hardest difficulty of the game. That is until you get to the epilogue and realize that your friends who talked about the Mile High Club achievement on the Xbox 360 version being hard were not lying. Now you do not need the luxury of taking your time and picking off enemies from a safe distance as you do in the rest of the levels of the game. This one is a race against time, with only a minute to make it through the level, trying to take down all of the hostile enemies without taking too much fire yourself.

While Mile High Club is almost legendary, the good news is that it is not as difficult as it seems providing you check out a guide. You have to know exactly when to reload, switch weapons, get in to cover and throw flashbangs. If you are not great at first person shooters, there is also a method to cheese it as well.

There are some different strategies. Making it to the end is as much about luck as it is about skill. You will take the damage at some point in each run, you just need to hope that you manage to hit all the opponents in every room you take too much, or that your Al squad friends are following along quickly enough to mop up any that you might have missed.

As you start the level and begin making your way down the hall, the opponent will leave the bathroom on your left. Please ignore him completely, go to the entrance on the left and make sure you shoot the two enemies in the room as you move forward.

The, prepare a flashbang and throw it towards the back of the room in front of you so that you do not blind yourself, and pick off any opponents that you are able to see in the room. As you enter the doorway into the room, please pick up the M1014 shotgun from the floor and take out as many of the opponents as possible as they start to rush the room until you have no ammo left. After that, pick up the P90 from the floor, move forward and please make sure you take out the two or three opponents that will be hiding right behind the wall on both the left and right sides.

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