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A house is an important residential building where the player of Roblox Bloxburg lives. All of the houses in Welcome to Bloxburg are made by the players themselves. Besides, there are also the prebuilt houses were added in the game and you as the player can choose from when you start a new game. For your information, the size of a house plot is 30×30 and the size of a house plot with the Large Plot gamepass is 50×50.

As we know that Bloxburg’s house building system allows the players to place the walls, windows, furniture, vehicles, and more on the players’ plot so that the players are able to make their own unique and original home. Lots of players select to use their plots not only for Bloxburg houses, but also for building the hotels, restaurants, farms, small towns and the villages. We think that this system is similar to the popular Sims video game series.

By default, you are able to only build on the first floor. While the Multiple floors gamepass are going to offer you to build up to the five floors, and the basement gamepass are going to offer you build one floor underground that totals six floors in your plot. The plot owner is able to set house permissions for people they want to block or allow access into their house.

Now, you may want to know how to build cheap house Bloxburg two floor with 6k. We think that it will be difficult for you to build a Bloxburg house two floor with 6k. As we know that to build a Bloxburg house up to five floors, you need to use the Multiple floors gamepass. So, if you want to build a Bloxburg house two floor with 6k, you have to buy the Multiple floors gamepass. For your information, the Multiple Floors is one of some gamepasses in the game of Welcome to Bloxburg. This Multiple Floors gamepass costs R$300. Besides, the Multiple Floors gamepass unlocks the functionality to build five stories high. So, now you have to do is buying Multiple Floors gamepass first.


You have to remember that accounts without the Multiple Floors gamepass can only build up to one story. For 300 Robux, so you are able to unlock the ability to build a second, third, fourth, and fifth story. On the right of your screen, you will be able to see two arrows, one going up, and the other going down. When you tap on one of these arrows, this is going to navigate your floor. Then, if you click on the arrow which is pointing down, you are going to be able to build on the floor below. Next, if you click on the arrow which is pointing up, so you are going to be able to build on the floor above. For your information, you cannot build more than 6 stories in total in Bloxburg.

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