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What kind of shapes do you want to create for Minecraft? Do you want to make circle things? If you want to make circles things, then you need to know how to make it and even where you can make it. Here, we will try to give you some information about it. So, read it until the end.

If you want to make a circle on Minecraft, it relies on techniques which are the same as those used when building with slanted lines, you make both with small segments of blocks. If you want to make a circle on Minecraft, here are the steps that you are able to follow.

  • First, you have to construct the longest line segment. It should be at most 1/3 the length of the diameter of circle.
  • Next, you have to construct a shorter line segment just behind the first one.
  • Now, you are able to continue making shorter lines, with the difference being smaller and smaller each time. This step compiles the arc at the top of the circle.
  • After that, you have to turn around and repeat. You need to know that when you estimate a circle in Minecraft, it should have 4-way symmetry. Whatever you are looking south, north, east or west, the circle should look similar. Therefore, the process of making each side of the circle is exactly similar.
  • In this step, you have to fix any lopsidedness. In case a segment looks too long, you have to destroy a block at the end and then you need to extend the adjacent segment to be able to fill the gap. In case a segment looks too short, you have to do the same thing in reverse.

By following the steps above, you may not get a truly round circle. Nevertheless, any rounded room tends to have the similar effects.

If you need some video tutorials about making circles in Minecraft, you are able to watch some videos below on Youtube.

  • A video of OMGcraft – Minecraft Tips & Tutorials entitled How To Make Circles in Minecraft which was uploaded on March 3rd, 2015. In this video, the creator uses Mine Conics to make circle.
  • A video of Avomance entitled Minecraft: How To Make A Circle In Minecraft | How To Make A Ball In Minecraft | Minecraft Tutorial which was uploaded on February 27th, 2018.
  • A video of BricksontheLoose entitled How To Make Circles In Minecraft – The Easy Way which was uploaded on March 3rd, 2014.
  • A video of DiamondsRaider entitled Minecraft: Circle Guide (Templates) which was uploaded on August 14th, 2016.
  • A video of Cimap entitled How To Make Circles In Minecraft! – Raycasting In Minecraft 1.13! which was uploaded on December 22nd, 2017.

You are able to watch the videos above to see how to make circles in Minecraft so that it can help you to know how to make a good circle.

For your information, you are able to use generator such as Plotz to make circle. In the Plotz, you are able to find some models such as sphere, ellipsoids, torus, ellipse, and some more models.

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