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In this year, we are able to say that Valorant may be set to be the hottest FPS game. There are a lot of commenters who have been describing it as a mix of CS:Go and Overwatch with a focus on what is the most important to balance the game and maintain its integrity as a competitive FPS. Usually the players of Valorant is people who have played other competitive shooters game. So, they will get used to certain sensitivity.

There is a converter that permit you to be able to find an equivalent Valorant sens to what you are used to in other games. It will permit you to be able to maintain the hard work that you have put into building muscle memory and can help you to be successful in the new game from day 1.

After you know about this converter, now you may want to know how to be able to use this converter. Here are some requirements of the converter that you have to input.

  • The game that you are converting from.
  • The DPI of your mouse which you are using in the game that you are converting from.
  • The sensitivity that you are using in the game that you are converting from.
  • The game which you are converting to.
  • The DPI of your mouse which you plan to be able to use in the game that you are converting to.

Let’s take an example. If you are searching to get the sensitivity which is similar in Valorant that you use in CSGO, you are able to choose CSGO a the game in the Convert From section and Valorant in the Convert To section.

What should we do if we do not know about our DPI? In case you do not know your DPI, but you play to use the same DPI or mouse settings for both games, you are able to leave the default value of 800 or any two equivalent DPIs for both inputs. But, this field is available to be able to make a conversation for those who want to use a DPI which is different for each game. If you have chosen or even entered all of the inputs, you will be given your converter sens automatically by the Valorant sensitivity converter. Also, you will be told about your in/ 360 and cm/ 360 for both games.

For your information, Valorant is a multiplayer first person shooter and it is free to play by everyone. This game was developed by Riot Games. This game was first game which is teased under a tentative title ‘Project A’ in October 2019. The official gameplay firstly appeared in March 2020 on the official Valorant Youtube Channel named “The Round”. Then, the closed beta of this game was launched on April 7th, 2020 in some countries such as Europe, Russia, Turkey, Canada and United States. So, have you played this game? If you have been playing this game, then what do you think?

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