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How do you make a part do damage on touch? The touched event will tells you what part that you have to touch. If that part is someone’s leg, you are able to get the character model and from there get the humanoid.

Actually, it is very easy. You are able to call the touched event, if there is a humanoid take damage. Here is the script:


if hit.Parent:FindFirstChild(“Humanoid “) then




Talking about damage on touch script, you may also want to know more information related damage in Roblox Studio. Well, in this article, we are going to explain it. You have to know that Damage in Roblox Studio is a term used to refer to when a ExplorerImageIndex 12Players’ ExplorerImageIndex 9Humanoid’s Health property is reduced by a script. When a humanoid gets zero health, so the humanoid is going to dies. Next, all joints in the model are broken causing the humanoid fall apart.

Apparently, there are two types of damage. Those are environmental damage and local damage. For your information, environmental damage is damage that cannot be configured in any way by a place creator. The only type of environmental damage that currently exists in Roblox Studio is the world border damage which causes a Robloxian die if they go too close to the skybox. We are going to give you the most common example of this environmental damage. It is when a Robloxian falls off a brick into the bottom of the Robloxian world. After a few seconds, the Robloxian is going to die. However, the maximal distance that the player can fall down is able to be edited by the Developers. The maximal distance is -50000, though by default it is -500.

Another type of damage is Local damage. You have to know that local damage is damage that can be caused by the elements. Local damage is able to be modified by a place creator. Nowadays, only scripts which can make damage. The local damage is able to be effected on humanoids by the scripts by applying the Take Damage method. Aside from that, local damage can be effected by manually setting. But, you have to remember that doing Take Damage will not damage the humanoid if there is a ExplorerImageIndex 37ForceField present in the character. If the health is set to 0 or less, so the Died event is going to call.

When you search the information about Damage on Touch script from your browser, you may also will find the result about other script. The first one is Cause Damage on Touch Script by Reed10021. It was updated on October 19, 2008. This Script will cause damage on touch. Besides, the script can also add health on Touch. The second one is Damage On Touch Script by hunterluigi5. It was updated on August 26, 2012. This script will useful when you damage on touch. Another one is Touch damage script by CrimsonKitsune. It was updated on November 07, 2011. Use this script to damage on touch.

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