Does PrestonPlayz Have Kids?

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You may will be familiar with the name PrestonPlayz. He is an American YouTuber who produces Minecraft gaming content. Aside from that, he has also branched out to video games Roblox and Fortnite: Battle Royale on his PrestonMobile and TBNRFrags channels.

By the way, does PrestonPlayz have kids? To find out this answer, we ask you to watch a video of Preston. On Preston channel, there is a video entitled “Are We Having Kids? (Q&A With My Wife)”. That video was published on August 22, 2018. On that video, you are able to watch some question and answer with his wife. After you watch that video, then you are able to know the answer about whether PrestonPlayz have kids or not. So, just watch that video please.

Now, you may want to know more information about PrestonPlayz. If so, let us talking more about him. For your information, the real name of PrestonPlayz is Preston Blaine Arsement. He was born on May 4, 1994. Preston has four brothers and one sister. They are David, Caleb, Daka, Keeley, and Joshua. We get information that his biological mother and adoptive father married once he was three months old, but Preston stated that his new father loves him as much as his biological kid. Besides, Preston also said that he do not want to meet his biological father.

Based on the research, one of Preston’s cousins, Landon, also runs a YouTube channel named Landon, formerly a Minecraft-based, but since January 27, 2018, he announced that his channel was changing to strictly Fortnite and vlogs. Besides, he also has a Roblox channel named LandonRB – Roblox. Currently, Preston lives in a condo in Dallas, Texas, presumably near the rest of his family. He has previously studied at the Travis Academy of Fine Arts and has worked as a lifeguard. He was unable to attend the 2014 Pack ski trip as his brother Daka was getting married. Now, he has a sister in law named Olga. Then, Daka and Olga have a daughter named Ariana. Preston is a proud uncle.

How about Preston’s wife? Well, now we are going to talk about his wife, Brianna. Based on the research, in 2016, Preston started dating an LA-based YouTuber named Paige. She also has a channel named Turnthepaige. Since March 1, 2017, it has over 65,563 subscribers. Later, Preston and Paige sadly broke up for an unknown reason, though they are still very good friends. This was confirmed on April 18, 2016, though in February 2017.

Later, Preston got engaged to Brianna Paige Barnhart in October of 2017. They were married in May of 2018. They have multiple questions and answers videos and vlogs featuring his wife and family on his main channel. For your information, Brianna is a nurse who enjoys singing and acting. Besides, she is enthusiastic about Preston’s occupation of YouTube. She has appeared on lots of Minecraft, Roblox and Fortnite videos on his channels. Until now, Presto and his wife often make video together.

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