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Drill Site is one of areas in Apex Legends Worlds Edge map. For players, knowing the situation in the area is important because it can be the reasons of them to do something such as deciding area to drop for the best. So, how is the situation of Drill Site? Is it the best place for dropping? Let’s find out here.

Do you know where the Drill Site is? It is North East from the Train Yard and it is surrounded by cliffs to the east of it. This place can be said as very defensible area with a lot of ziplines for high-speed Legends. But, it does not boast a great deal of high-tier items. It is recommended for you to go to the Drill Site if only you want to begin your game off slow rather than in an intense battle with some other enemy teams.

The size of the Drill Site is categorized into small area. The popularity of this place is low and the supply bins are 11. This area is a good place for a quieter start. Here, a lot of buildings to loot and even though it is not able to hold a candle to the most loot-rich areas of World’s Edge, you are able to meet a lot of competition here early on. There are two ziplines which will give you ride which is easy to the site. So, after we know the situation of this area, we can see that Drill Site is one of places that you are able to use for dropping.

Besides, this area, there are also other places that are categorized into best locations. One of them is Skyhook. This area is dominated by the central skyhook tower and it holds a lot of loot near its base. Now, how about Survey camp? This area is a good option for you if you need a quieter time in the early game with a lot of options for your next rotation. However, the loot density in this area is quite poor. Nevertheless, it is always enough to get your team ready for an incursion into either Refinery, Skyhook or The Epicenter.

Refinery is one of areas in the map of Apex Legends. This area is very close to ticking all three boxes. The central building of it is kind of like the Market building in Kings Canyon in that it is very big and filled with enough loot to be able to kit out your team decently at the beginning of a match.

Lava Fissure is the sprawling big brother of Drill Site. It shares the opposite side of the rock they are both pressed up against. This area will take a little a while to be able to traverse in case you land there. However, you probably will end up with all the gear that you need and also a fairly quit beginning because of its coastal position.

There are still more locations which are best that you are able to find in the map of Apex Legends. So, happy exploring.

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