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Forza Horizon 4 is a racing video game which was released on October 2nd, 2018. This game is developed by Playground Games and published by Microsoft Studios. You may want to know about the fastest top speed car in this game so that you can use that car in the game. Here, we have some information about it.

In the list below, we rank the fastest cars in Forza Horizon 4 game.

  1. Ferrari 599XX Evolution

If you are fortunate enough to get the car in an event or buy it off the Auction House will have Forza Horizon 4′ fastest car. If we compare this car to the other cars in the list, this car east them all for breakfast. After it can reach a top speed of 323 M.P.H., this 599XX Evolution secured its places as the fastest car available.

  1. Mosler MT900S

This car has almost nothing in common with the none-upgraded version, aside from appearance just like the Jaguar D-Type. To make this car quickest car in this game, you have to swap almost everything. The stock of this car is not an impressive vehicle. But, it is an awesome lightweight platform to build upon. This car walks away from other cars at 298.5 M.P.H., just under the 300-mark.

  1. Jaguar D-Type

If you upgrade the D-Type correctly, this classic Jag will go over 297 M.P.H and it is almost creaking the 300-barrier.

  1. Koenigsegg CC8S

Koenigsegg makes a cameo in the list of fastest cars in Forza Horizon 4. This Koenigsegg: CC8S is a special version of the base Koenigsegg CCX. And the thing that makes it special is a combination of rarity and speed. If you want to have this car, you need to either wait for Playground Games to make it another seasonal reward or buy off the Auction House. This car can reach a top speed of 286.6 M.P.H and this car is one of the scarcest and expensive vehicles in this game.

  1. McLaren F1

You need to know that during the McLaren F1’s heyday, the British legend were able to go about 240 miles per hour all out. In game, the F1 is quicker as evidenced by the in-game F1’s top end of 286 miles per hour.

  1. Bugatti EB110 SS

This is the first Horizon’s fastest vehicle back in 2012. It seems Playground Games likes tradition because this car remains as one of the series’s fastest cars until now. If you can set it with proper modifications and tuning, you are able to get this car 283.5 miles per hour.

  1. Koenigsegg Agera SS

This Agera SS is not in the normal game. This version is a DLC vehicle which requires extra cash to drive. But, if you spend the money, you will be rewarded with an even quicker version of the Agera and it tops out at 283 M.P.H.

You are able to check how these cars are to see the look and also, of course, the speed of this car.

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