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Are you looking for the way to get the trophies in Around the World in 5 Jumps? Of course, searching for the information about it is not totally wrong. However, getting the trophies become the main goal in the game of achievement on Goat Simulator. So, what should you do to get trophies in Around the World in 5 Jumps?

If we talk about the achievement game, automatically it will be directed into a Goat Simulator. So, do you already know what is the Goat Simulator? Based on the name, definitely, we can guess that the Goat Simulator is a kind of action video game that come from the third person to make the game more fun. It works to simulate a game either internal game or external game.

Goat Simulator can be defined as the latest in simulation technology that bring the next-gen goat simulation to you. In this case, the Goat Simulator gives you a chance to fantasize about being a goat, then, your dreams finally come true. As the developer announced, the Goat Simulator is such a  joke prototype in which you would be better not to expecting more about this game.

Although this game just a joke, but there are many users who are playing this game for fun. It is because Goat Simulator has lots of funny and inviting game to refresh your mood. One of them is Around the World in 5 Jumps. This game focuses to visit 5 trampolines in one jump, then, bouncing on each trampoline once. Surprisingly, this game has been played by 6.979 tracked achievement gamers.

Well, to get 5 jumps in one jump, of course, you will need an amazing strategy. So, in this article, we are going to share the awesome ways in which you will get the best goal to reach the trophies. Here are the ways:

  • The main thing that you must have is an Angel Goat and Double Jump. Those can help you to get the fans.
  • After that, you have to go to the construction site and by the road.
  • In this place, you will see the blue container with two red ones that is stacked on the top of each other next to it.
  • Then, you are able to use the Double Jump to reach the top of red containers, then, you can jump again to reach the fans above.
  • After that, stand inbetween the fans and jump onto the ones in front of the building.
  • When you come down on the top of the fans, then, hit cn_B to go dead and you will hit the fan, shoot up in the air.
  • You have to know that the first Trampoline is on the top of the construction, so, hit it first and move forward to the next 2 that are located in the swimming pool. Ensure that hit as close as possible to the centre for maximum bounce.
  • The fourth trampoline is coming forward and left.
  • Lastly, the final one is back in the game spawn.

Notice that you only have to touch each trampoline once, then, the second hit will make it failed. The slow motion probably will help you if you are having any trouble on it.Good Luck, Dude!!!

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