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Mr. Doob is a rather publicity shy coder and designer who has done some pioneering web work. There is a connection between him and Arcade Fire but it is not sure what it all means. This man was the technical director of Arcade Fire’s The Wilderness Downtown.

For those who have not participated in that online video, then you need to stop now and go there to see why Mr. Doob is worth a lot. The Wilderness Downtown goes away beyond Google Gravity, and it is also a project Mr. Doob participated in with many other ones.

There are a lot of creations created by Mr. Doob, but no one of them is related to ping pong. Here is the list of Mr. Doob creations that you can check out.

  1. Ball Pool

If you want to play Ball Pool, the first thing that you have to do is to drag a ball. Then, click on the background. The next thing that you have to do is to shake your browser. After that, you need to double click and play the game.

  1. Google Sphere

Once again, Mr. Doob was rejected. This time is forming a sphere. You can mouse over the page and type the term that you are looking for on the search box. Then, hit return or click on the search button if you find it. Basically, the more you search the more images about the term you will get. Now, for those who want to get geeky, during the development of his previous experiments he found out about the webkit transform style that allowed us to rotate dom elements. This thing that has the same style also allows us to scale elements. For everyone who has ever done anything with 3D you probably know that scaling is the only thing that you need to give the illusion of 3D on a 2D surface. Mr. Doob said that porting his custom 3D engine from Actionscript 3 to Javascript was pretty easy and the only thing left to figure out was the z-sorting of div elements. For the magic touch, it just needed some smooth animations that is where jstween comes in. You can to take a look at the code and feel free to play with it.

  1. Beach Balls

Mr. Doob was found himself messing with cannon.js and three.js. In the end, he ended up doing something a bit like his old experiment called Ball Pool but in 3D.

Aside from these three mentioned above, there are some other ones. Those include Code Editor, Place Deformations, Google Space, GLSL Sandbox, Voxels, Voxels Liquid, 3D Waveform, Harmony, Magic Dust, Depth of Field, Obsidian, Water Type, Clouds, Kinect+WEBGL, Multiuser Sketchpad, and Webcam Displacemen. If you want to know more about Mr. Doob and his creations, you can visit a lot of sites that provided the information about him and his creations. One of the most recommended and the most visited is called Experiments with Google.

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