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Have you ever heard about Mr. Doob? You may have heard about it on Google. But, have you tried some experiments of Mr. Doob on Google? You are able to try if you have not. Now, how about Google Tornado Mr Doob?

When you try to search about Google Tornado Mr Doob, you are able to get a lot of results of Mr Doob experiments such as Google Sphere, Google Voxels, Ball Pool, Spin Painter, Google Space, Harmony, and many more. If you search about Google Tornado, then you will be brought to a map where there is a red line on the map. In the left side of the map, it is written that the red line is Overnight Tornado. When you click on the Overnight Tornado words, it will zoom in the map to the location of the red line. Then, in the left side, there will be a description about it. When we tried it, the description says that it is preliminary track of overnight Tornadoes early Friday morning. When we tried it, the red line of Overnight Tornado is ranged to Scottsville to Jamestown. To try Google Tornado, you are able to type Google Tornado in the search bar on Google and then you have to click on I’m Feeling Lucky.

As mentioned earlier that Mr Doob has other things. The first one is Google Sphere. If you enter Google Sphere into the Search bar of Google and then press “I’m Feeling Lucky”, you will be brought into Google with its menu and when you move your cursor, everything there will moves. Second, there is Google Voxel. When you enter Google Voxel into the Google search bar and then you click on “I’m Feeling Lucky”, after that you will be brought to a grid and there you will be able to add voxels, share it, save or clear it.

Third, there is also Ball Pool. When you enter Google Ball Pool and then click on “I’m Feeling Lucky”, you will be brought to a screen where there are some balls and in a big ball there is steps how you play it. It is written that you are able to drag ball, click on the background, shake your browser, double click and play. Fourth, there is a Google Space. If you type Google Space and press “I’m Feeling Lucky”, you are able to see a Google screen with menu and those things there are floating like in a space.

How about in Google Mirror? If you type Google Mirror and then you click on “I’m Feeling Lucky”, you will be brought to a Google screen but the Google word is written from right to the left like a mirror. Under Google logo, there are some menu such as Underwater, T-Rex Game, Pac-man, Guitar, Snake Game, Gravity, My Location, Bing Mirror and many more.

Well, there are still more things from Google Mr Doob. But, if you are curious with Google Tornado of Mr Doob, you are able to try it first.

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