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Now, the third weekly update of this month is available here. So, what’s new on GTA for this month?

Need to know that the third update of April has been available. Definitely, the latest update includes a load of fresh content, bonuses and also discounts. So, we suggest you to keep reading on this page so that you will not miss any facts about GTA.

On this 16 April, 2020, there are some following updates of GTA that can be as part of the latest patch. They are:

  • New Content: Declasse Vamos and Podium Car: Pariah.
  • Log-in Bonuses: Smoking Jacket
  • Double GTA$ and RP Activities: COntact Missions and Weed Farm.
  • Triple GTA$ and RP Activities: Keep The Pace
  • Discounted Content
  • Time Trial: Up N Atom, Par Time of 1:41.30 and Video Guide
  • RC Bandito Time Trial: Davis Quartz, Par Time of 1:32.00
  • Twitch Prime Bonuses: Luxor and Luxor Deluxe

Then, the one point that we will explain on this article is Keep the Pace as the Triple GTA$ and RP Activities. Why? Due to this latest feature can be something important to talk here.

What is Keep the Pace? On GTA, Keep the Pace can be called as an Adversary Mode feature as the part of the Lowriders update. This feature was released on October 20, 2015. This is unlocked at Rank 5.

In this case, Keep the Pace is similar to the normal lap race, but there will be the minimum speed that the player must keep. Then, if you drop below the minimum speed for too long, automatically, the player’s vehicle will explode soon. Besides, there will also ambient occurrence that you can face on around the course such as timed explosions, ramps, and also the planes taking off.

On the race itself, there are three laps in which on each laps has been completed, then, the minimum speed will increase. Finally, the winner of this race is the last player standing for, or if more than a player can survives for all three laps, then, the first one completed the three laps as well.

Here are the locations of Keep the Pace to make easier in completing the three laps:

  • Keep the Pace I: It is located on the landing strip of the Los Santos International Airport.
  • Keep the Pace II: It is located in Terminal.
  • Keep the Pace III: It is located on the landing strip at Fort Zancudo.
  • Keep the Pace IV: It is located on the Vinewood Racetrack.
  • Keep the Pace V: It is located on the landing strip of the Sandy Shores Airfield and the surrounding area.

Surely it will need any tips to reach the minimum speed for each laps. Due to the minimum speed in this mode will increase in every lap, so, the players have to adjust their tactics with each completed laps.

For example, if you have a plan on racing dirty, definitely you should use jumps to gain an advantage when shunting others: a small nudge before their car will leave the ground, then, it will be magnified greatly while in mid-air.

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