How Many Heirloom Shards Do You Get in a Pack

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Are you so curios to know how many Heirloom Shards that you can get in a pack? Definitely, your curiousity is not totally wrong because it is normal to know the amount of Heirloom Shards in a pack. Surely, by visiting this page can be a way for you to look for the information about it. So, how many Heirloom Shards that you can obtain in a pack?

As we have known well that Heirloom Shards can be an alternative ways that you can get in getting any Heirloom items in Apex Legends. So, that’s why you are recommended to know the amount of Heirloom Shards in a pack. By knowing this, of course, you can learn and explore the way in  the term of using the Heirloom Shards.

Need to know that Shards are the part of a brand new system which is introduced with the System Override Event. It essentially allows the players to build up the way to the Heirloom items based on their desire of choosing them, in the place of getting one in packs which they may not to have.

As we have described above, the only way to obtain the Octane’s set is in the packs that you can get where the Shards come in. As the system work, it will be taking to a maximum of 500 packs to collect enough the Shards in crafting an Heirloom.

In this case, the difference is when you have collected enough the Shards, of course, you can pick the set as you are choosing, in place of having one forced that you may not be interested in using it. Note: for you who are trying to get Shards, this System Override Collection Event has been end on Tuesday, March 17. So, it has been giving the players in two weeks from the starting date in trying and unlocking Octane’s Heirloom.

Then, if you want to know how many Heirloom Shards that you can get in a pack, definitely you will find uncertain amount. It is because the amount Heirloom Shards in a pack is also decided by any event including edition, giveaways, highest difficult challenge and many more.

But the main thing that you have to know is in which Apex Legends will give you all Shards in one pack for the first. But for later, they probably will give for about 50 Shards in one pack. with a higher chance to drop. Besides, the special event and also battle passes will totally drop packs of 25 Shards as rewards for Apex Legends players. Definitely, this Shards system practically can be called as  a new shiny tool for marketing.

Based on some forums that we find in sharing about the amount of Heirloom Shards, we got some new facts about it. The amount of Shards that you can get in one pack is about 500 shards which will decrease becoming 150 Shards even lower. It will guarantee but a Heirloom for every 500 Apex packs you open does not included even packs at all.

So, we can conclude the the amount of Heirloom Shards in one pack is about 500. Unfortunately, it will decrease lower based on some rules later.

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