How Many Valorant Keys Will Drop

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Valorant game is a new game. However, if you often play FPS game, you will not be difficult to adapt in this game. Since this game is new, you may want to know about the amount of Valorant keys which will drop. Here, we have some information about it for you.

Based on early information from Riot Games which recited from DBLTAP site, it is known that there are 75,000 Twitch viewers that will be rewarded with Valorant keys which permit them to be able to access the Valorant beta. Players are able to have a chance to get access to the beta through whitelisted Riot Games accounts.

If you want to get access to Valorant, the first thing that you have to do is to link your Riot Games account to your Twitch account. By doing it, you will be allowed to potentially get a drop while watching one of some eligible streamers on Twitch and it includes Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag and Michael ‘Imaqtpie’ Santana.

If you have linked, then you will receive a notification in your Twitch dashboard notifying you that you have been given access to Valorant and prompting you to download the game. After that, you are able to start playing it. However, it is important for you to know that players from Canada, Turkey, the United States, and Europe are players who can get access to the beta. It means that if you are not in one of these countries, then you are not able to play Valorant even though you earn a drop. Nevertheless, Riot plans that this game will expand to other countries such as Asia, Africa and South America.

After the drops on April 7th, there are 100,000 players who have access to the beta through Twitch drops and the first 25,000 players will receive drops on April 3 when the streamers were permitted to showcase their recorded playtest footage. Also, Riot Games announced that they have a plan to release the beta in bigger amounts if the company feels that the servers of Valorant can handle the increased capacity.

On Twitter account of Valorant, Riot Games announced through a twit on April 11th, 2020 and on that twit, they stated that now drops are running 24 hours a day and server capacity of closed beta of Valorant has been increased by 25%.

Valorant game is a multiplayer first person shooter video game. This FPS game is free to play. Riot Games is the developer of this game. This game is the first game that they has developed in the genre. This game was announced for the first time in October 2019 with the codename “Project A.

In this game, there are two teams of five play against each other. In this game, players use an economic system to buy their abilities and weapons. The attacking team has a bomb named Spike in the main game mode. And they have to plant it on a site. You can try to play this game, but for you who live in countries where this game is still not available yet, you can wait for this game to come.

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