How to Activate Valorant Contracts and What They Do

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Valorant is the name of a free download and play game. Just like the common free blockbuster games before it, unlocking new content is able to be a tedious process. The point being that these processes is able to be alleviated by spending the real world money.

Since Valorant revolves around a central cast of heroes called Agents in its in game parlance, the first maker of progress for the new players of the game becomes unlocking its full roster. Eventually, the job depends on activating Contracts, the name of the system never outright explained within the game. The good news is that despite being obtuse, the system is not complex. It is able to, however, be relatively time consuming.

From the beginning, the five Agents are available to play include Brimstone, Jett, Sova, Sage, and Phoenix. There are the additional five agents that need to be unlocked. Those are Omen, Raze, Viper, Breach, and Cyper. Please take a note that the first two of these, up to the player choice, are easily unlocked soon after starting the game.

When you open Valorant for the first time, you will be tasked with varieties of missions. One is daily tasks that can be completed to get additional XP, another is a Beta battle pass, and the third is a series of rewards unique to new players.

Contracts are needed to unlock the three Agents that remain. The first thing that you have to do is to find these Contracts by clicking on the Collection tab located at the top of the screen. then, choose Agents just underneath it. With an Agent selected, the next thing that you have to do is to click a button that says View Contract. This one is able to be found near the lower right hand side of the screen. When you click it, it will show you each reward tier in the contract of the agent. There is a separate button in the lower middle of the screen to activate said contract.

They work similarly to the initial series of rewards used to unlock the first two Agents. They just need considerably more XP to level up. Every tier, however, is able to be unlocked for 200 RP or about $2.00. Since the related Agent is unlocked upon completing the fifth tier, the agent themselves ultimately costs 1,000 RP or about $10.00.

Aside from that, contracts are also able to be activated for any of the free Agents as well as the first two unlocked Agents whose first five Contract tiers will be already completed. Among the rewards in those Contracts are known as Gun Buddies or charts that are able to adorn your guns, and unique character themed weapon skins.

For those who decide that Omen just is not worth playing and would rather work toward the unique weapon skin or Sova, you are able to pause Omen or any other contract of Agent in order to start working on another one with the ability to return to the previous Contact at any point with your progress retained.

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