How to Add Friends on Valorant

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In Valorant game, there is a feature where you are able to add friends. Well, this feature is fun to do so you need to know how to add friends on Valorant. How to add friends on Valorant? Here, we will give you the steps to do it.

Do not think that adding friends on Valorant game is difficult. The steps to add friends on Valorant is very simple. You may like adding friends on other platforms and the steps are very easy. Adding friends on Valorant is also super easy. How to do that? You can follow the instructions below.

Adding Friends via Riot ID

  • The first thing that you have to do is to log into the game.
  • After you log into the game, then you are able to click on the plus sign that you can find in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Then, a sub menu will pop up and it asks you to enter a Riot ID and Tagline of your friend.
  • You have to put the proper ID on the left and the tagline number without the hashtag symbol on the right so that the request can be sent.

Some of you may be not sure the Riot ID and Tagline that you have as a result you cannot inform it to your friends to add you as a friend on Valorant. You are able to access your account page on the Riot site. You are able to click on the Riot ID tab to see your name and Tagline.

Adding Friends via League of Legends Client

If you cannot add friends by using the steps above, you are able to log into your League of Legends client and you are able to add a friends there. When you next log in to Valorant, then you will be able to see your new bud which pops up on your friends list.

Problems When Adding Friends

Talk about adding friends on Valorant, have you ever found a problem where you are not able to add a friend on Valorant? As we know that Valorant is still in the beta stage of development. So, the feature to add friends on this game seems to have some issues. One of the issues is that our friend requests are not delivered.

However, Riot Games has a short-term solution which seems that can be used to fix this problem. You may know that Valorant shares the similar friends lists as other Riot Games release, notably Legends of Runetra. So, you are able to add friends in the game inĀ  order to have them appear in your Valorant friends list. It may be a solution which is a little bit weird. But, you can try it because it seems that this solution can work.

Well, those are two methods that you can use for adding friends on Valorant namely via Riot ID and via League of Legends. You are able to add friends through any methods. Even, we also inform you about the problem that is usually faced when adding friends on Valorant. We hope that the information can help you.

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