How to Build a Basement in Bloxburg

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In Bloxburg, as a player we are able to build a house. We also canĀ  insert basement. To be able to insert or make basement in Bloxburg, of course you have to know how to do it. If no, you may be able to make any mistakes.

In Bloxburg game, basement is a new feature which was added in Version 0.7.4. If you want to build a basement, you will need to have Basement gamepass. Basements permits you to be able to place objects and furniture on a level below the first floor to create one extra floor. Do you know how to insert a basement in Bloxburg?

If you want to insert basement in Bloxburg game, you will have to go into the Build Mode option. Then, you have to open up the Build section there. After that, you have to choose the ‘basement’ tab and you are able to place a basement which is the same as placing pool. You will be able to choose how big the basement that you want to have.

It is important for you to know that a square of basement is $25 and if you want to go down to the basement level, you need to press the down arrow on the bottom right area of your screen. It will permit you to be able to place items, walls, and many more in the basement. Also, you have to know that basement is not able to be colored. And if you want to place items, you will be required to have walls or floors.

Here, there are some tips and tricks about building tips that you are able to use when you build a basement.

  • You are able to put floor which looks like grass. It is done to camouflage the hole.
  • You are able to place stuff over that grass floor. It is done to make it less sketchy. For doing this, it seems that you will need Advanced Building Placement.
  • Do not put basements over pools.
  • You need to put basements before you place floor on the ground above.
  • You will need to press the Remove Roof button to be able to get a clear view of the basement. However, you need to press the down arrow on the right of your screen in build mode.

There are some videos about building a basement on Youtube and you are able to watch them to help you know how to do it. Here are some of them.

  • A video of BramP entitled How To: Basements in Bloxburg Roblox.
  • A video of PeetahBread entitled I Made A Hidden Bloxburg Underground Basement Home.
  • A video of ComfySunday entitled Roblox Bloxburg| Basement Speed Build.

In Bloxburg, Basements is the cheapest gamepass and its cost is $100 Robux. If you check now on Roblox, you are able to see that the last update of the gamepass was on February 2nd, 2019. There are more than 5.7k likes and more than 1.1k dislikes.

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