How to Buy a Prebuilt House in Bloxburg

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In Bloxburg game, you are able to buy a prebuilt house. There are six prebuilt houses in Bloxburg which are available in the menu upon either joining the game for the first time. You can also buy a new house slot for B$300 if you want. If you want to buy a prebuilt house in Bloxburg, do you know how to do that? Then, what options of Prebuilt house in Bloxburg?

As mentioned earlier that there are six prebuilt houses in Bloxburg and those are as listed below.

  • Happy Home of Robloxia

This house is the starter home that you are able to get for free. If you want to purchase another one, it will cost $7,500. This house contains of charming outside and a cute inside that, holds a small kitchen, bedroom with dresser, basic living area, bed, closet, and a small bathroom for hygiene.

  • Cozy Cottage

This house is very similar to the design of the Happy Home of Robloxia with a modern and rustic theme. This house has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and it also has newer and better quality appliances and a family living area and front porch. It costs $20,000.

  • Peaceful Living

This house is a one-bedroom house with peaceful, suburban theme. The rooms of the house are much bigger than the Happy Home of Robloxia and the rooms in Cozy Cottage. This house is also the cheapest pre-built house to have a garage. It costs $50,000.

  • Classic Family Home

This house is a large, mini mansion style home containing a large bedroom and living room and also a spacious kitchen with granite countertops and a large garage for vehicles. It costs $75,000.

  • Small Suburban

This house is the second most expensive pre-built house in the game. It has two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a fenced in outside and it is based on suburban houses in the US and Canada. It costs $85,000.

  • The Bloxington Mansion

This house is the biggest and most expensive pre-built house in Bloxburg game. This house is also the only prebuilt house which has an outer wall. It boasts an awesome amount of rooms. However, even though it is expensive, it is partially a letdown, as the house value itself costs only $138,000. The model of this house is like houses in Italy, Spain or California. It costs $200,000.

How to buy these prebuilt houses in Bloxburg? It is very easy. In the Bloxburg menu, you will see a small window of Selecting a house. One of the options is Buy House Slot. You can click on it and then you can buy Blockbux that you need if your Blockbux is not enough. But, if your Blockbux is enough, you do not need to buy it and you will see a pop up message saying Buy House Slot. Just click on Yes button and then you will be given some options of Prebuilt house including empty plot. If you want to buy one of the prebuilt houses, click on Select button under it.

You can also watch some videos about buying prebuilt house in Youtube to help you know how to buy the prebuilt house in Bloxburg.

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