How to Connect Twitch Prime to Apex Legends

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You may know that there is Apex Legend Twitch Prime Pack and if you want to have it, you need to connect your Apex Legends account to your Twitch Prime account. Then, how to do it? Here, we will explain about it so that you have a chance to get the pack.

In case you want to obtain a free legendary skin for Pathfinder and 5 Apex Packs, you have to link your Apex Legends account to your Twitch Prime account. Here are the steps to do it.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to link your EA account to your platform. What device do you use for playing Apex Legends? If you use PC or a console such as Xbox One or PS4, you should have your EA Origins account activated and linked to your platform. You also have to make sure that you are logged in to Apex Legends with the eight email by checking your status at
  • Next, you have to sign in to Twitch. Have you had a Twitch account? In case you do not have a Twitch account yet, you are able to access Twitch now and register by signing up. After that, you have to upgrade your Twitch account to Twitch Prime that is able to be done at the official Twitch Prime page. You are able to press the Try Twitch Prime button and then you have to follow the registration process. Now, you have to use your login and password to sign in. In case your EA account is active, then you will be asked by Twitch to authorize EA to be able to access your Twitch account. Then, do not forget to confirm the authorization.
  • In this third step, you must have confirmed the authorization. Then, you will be asked to sign in by using your EA account. In this step, you have to enter your EA email address and password as well. At the end, Twitch will ask you for your permission to link your EA and Twitch accounts. Now, you have to confirm by hitting the words saying “Yes, link them” and you will get your giveaway at Apex Legends.

That’s all the steps to connect your EA account to your Twitch Prime account. Hopefully, this article is able to help you in linking it. Usually, people are looking for these steps because they want to get free pack or skin which is given for free by Apex. Linking Apex Legends account to Twitch Prime is one of the requirements to be able to get the pack.

So, what are you waiting for? You are able to try to link your EA account to your Twitch Prime now. If you like following method to link your EA account to Twitch Prime through videos, you are able to watch some videos about how to link Apex Legends account to Twitch on Youtube videos. Just access Youtube and find some video tutorials about it.

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