How to Double Jump in Arsenal

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Arsenal is one of FPS games in Roblox. A lot of people play this game. As you are able to see until now this game has been visited more than 782 million times. In this game, you have the ability to double jump. How to do that?

According to Arsenal Wiki, in the Arsenal game, there are a number of special abilities. These special abilities are available on weapons and those special abilities are able to be accessed manually or passively. Those spacial abilities are listed below.

Special abilities which are built into weapons include:

  • Burst Fire
  • Tracer Shot
  • Charged Shot
  • Projectile Arch
  • Ramp-up
  • Fall-off
  • Distance Decay
  • Splash Damage
  • Demotion

Special abilities which are accessed by RMB include:

  • Scope
  • Alt-fire
  • Fan-fire
  • Shotgun Burst
  • Boost


  • Double Jump
  • Spell Rotation
  • Rocket/ Shotgun Jumping
  • Deployable Walls

As you are able to see from above list that Double Jump is categorized into miscellaneous special ability. Double Jump is known as Flanking and it is essentially a downgraded rocket jump. This special ability is shared by a few weapons and it can be quite intimidating especially on CQC Maps.

How to double jump in Arsenal game in Roblox? There are some videos on Youtube that you are able to watch. The videos are about how to double jump. You are able to watch them as your guide to double jump. Here is one of the videos that you can watch.

  • A video of Chriss entitled [Official] How to Double Jump in Arsenal [2020] which was uploaded on April 10th, 2020. According to this video, there are certain weapons that you can use to do double jump and those weapons are Lever Shotgun, Spencer Carbine, Henry Rifles, Ice Stars, and Golden Knife.

Now, let’s find out about each of the weapons that can be used for double jumping including how to do it.

  • Lever-Action Shotgun

This is a shotgun model which is same as that of the Winchester models from the 19th century. This shotgun holds the unique and useful ability to be able to double jump. To do that, you have to press the space bar twice of you are using PC. If you use Xbox, you can double tap the A button and if you use mobile, you can press the jump button twice.

  • Spencer Carbin

This is an early American-made lever action carbine first manufactured in 1860. This weapon has the ability to double jump and you can do that by double tapping space on the desktop version. If you use Xbox, you can double tap A and if you use mobile you can tap the jump button twice.

  • Henry Rifle

This is a mid to long-range weapon. It also has Double Jump. If you want to do that, you can double tap space on the desktop version. If you use Xbox, you can double tap A and if you use mobile, you can tap the jump button twice.

  • Ice Stars

They are a projectile weapons  and shurikens with frozen ice tips. This weapons permits for the double jump mechanic permitting you to jump twice in the air like the Spencer Carbine.

  • Golden Knife

This is the final weapon in every Arsenal game mode. You can double jump with it as with the Squeaky Toy Hammer.

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