How to Get a Valorant Key Fast

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The Valorant beta will be running for a lengthy period, and Riot Games has stated that they have managed to free up more Closed Keys. Do you want to know how to get a Valorant key fast? Please read more.

With the Valorant beta proving its popularity and a small chance of an open test being held later this summer, a alot of people are looking to join as soon as they can. Unfortunately, Riot Games only has a limited number of Valorant Beta Keys they are able to hand out, as they look to maintain the server integrity. However, the new update has confirmed that more is being done so the extra Valorant Beta Keys will be available during the weekend.

Valorant Beta Keys are given to gamers who are watching special Twitch streamers, using a Riot linked Twitch account. But there is only particular account of room available, with the newest message from Riot Games confirming that they work differently than the regular drop program of Twitch because they are tracking and entitling for access on the databases so they can apply another layer of scrutiny. The player have to link their Riot account with the Twitch account and start watching Valorant Twitch streams with drops enabled. Once they have passed a certain threshold of a couple hours watched on those streams, they are eligible for a Closed Beta entitlement drop. That said, each player who has watched at least a few hours of streams is also eligible, and they have limited slots on their servers. Apparently, drops are running all day and all night long. If you have watched a lot, please take a break. Riot confirms that CB access comes even when you are offline.

Riot stated that they hear you on demand. They have already increased CB server capacity +25% and are tracking down more internet. Another thing confirmed by Riot is that they have started to ban accounts that have been sold. It means that those Closed Beta Keys are able not to be used by the other bia Twicth Drops. They have banned a few of Valorant closed beta account sellers and botters to free up more entitlements. You are not encouraged to buy accounts as you might lose them. While the sellers of the account are being targetted, Riot Games has also revealed that the first bans are rolling for cheaters.

As stated before, the Closed Beta has stated in selected regions and will continue to expand during the weekend with the new players. In order to earn a Valorant beta key, gamers will have to be watching a Twitch stream with a Drops Enabled tag assigned to it.

If you want to join this weekend, here is the current Valorant sign up process. First, register for a Riot account. Second, link your Riot account to a Twitch account. Third, when close beta activates in your region (EU and Na for now), watch specific Valorant closed beta streams highlighted on Twitch with the Drops Enabled Tag.

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