How to Get Robux Back (Refund) From Roblox

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You may hope that you are able to get your Robux back because you make a mistake when you buy something on Roblox catalog or there is an accidental purchase. So, is it possible for us to get Robux back? If it is possible to get Robux back, then how to do it in Roblox?

First, it is important for you to know that all sales of Roblox products and also the services are final and it include virtual items and currency. What does it mean? It means that there is no refund in Roblox. You are not able to get your Robux back if you have bought an item on Roblox.

Usually, people want to get their Robux back because they make a mistake to buy an item or accidental purchase. To avoid people make a mistake when buying an item, Roblox provide a feature named Try On. By this feature, your avatar can try the item that you plan to buy. You can use this feature before you complete the transaction. How to use Try On feature? Here are the steps that you have to do.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to click on the Catalog which can be found in the blue bar at the top of the site.
  • Then, if you have found the item that you are looking for, you just have to click on Try On button and you are able to view the item on your avatar.
  • You can see whether the item is suitable with your avatar or not. If then you think that it is good for your avatar, you can decide to buy iy.

So, by using this Try On feature, you will be avoid from buying wrong item.

If you experience accidental purchase, Roblox also has a feature that can prevent you from doing it. There will be a pop up window which will ask you to confirm your selection before you complete a transaction. So, when you buy something on Roblox catalog, you need to make sure to slow down and read everything before you hit the confirm button. So, if you do it slowly, you will not miss the confirmation button and you will not make a mistake in buying item.

If you buy an item on Roblox and then when your item is in your inventory, you find that there is any issue with the item. If it happens, you are able to contact Roblox to Roblox Support that you can access at There, you are able to explain your problem and make sure to fill in your username, item name, link to the item and also a detailed explanation of the issue.

If you experience an unauthorized purchase from your account, you are also able to contact Roblox Support and then tell them about the problem that you face.

So, Roblox does not have Refund feature which means you cannot get your Robux back. But, Roblox has some features that can minimize your chance to make a mistake when buying item or accidental purchase. Also, there is Roblox Support which can be used by you to tell your problem with your item purchase.

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